Food safety reports


The Hancock County Health Department inspects restaurants four times annually and violations are determined as “C” for critical, “NC” for noncritical and “R” for repeated violations. The following inspections are based on information obtained from Retail Food Inspection reports.

Sept. 13

Dairy Queen

801 W. Main St., Greenfield

Violations found: NC – walk-in cooler has leak at ceiling, walk-in freezer floor has cracked or missing tile, walk-in freezer floor is covered with ice, hand sink nearest walk-in cooler is coming away from wall, to be corrected by Oct. 13; C – sanitizer at three-compartment sink is too strong, corrected.

Bob Evans Farms

2256 N. State St., Greenfield

Violations found: C – dish machine sanitizing temperature is not reaching 180 degrees, corrected; C – shell eggs are being held at 76 degrees, if using time as the public health control, have time marked on container with eggs, corrected.

Sept. 14

New Palestine High School

4485 S. Victory Lane, New Palestine

Violation found: C, R, turkey sandwiches are being held above 41 degrees, corrected.

New Palestine Elementary School

4801 S. 500W., New Palestine

Violation found: NC – walk-in freezer has ice build-up on unit and on floor, to be corrected by Oct. 18.

Food Service Management

5242 W. U.S. 52, New Palestine

Violations found: C – cole slaw in refrigeration unit did not have date mark and is being held more than 24 hours, corrected; NC – no hand soap in women’s restroom, corrected.

Sept. 15


110 Opportunity Parkway, Greenfield

Violation found: Sandwiches such as turkey and ham in reach-in case are 45 to 49 degrees; these sandwiches need to be held at 41 degrees or below, corrected.

Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza

188 E. New Road, Greenfield

Violation found: C – no date on opened packages of meats used for pizza topping, containers need to be date-marked with oldest ingredient, corrected.

Sept. 16


323 S. Oak St., Fortville

Violations found: NC, R – gap at front door, to be corrected by Oct. 16; NC, R – need to repair cracked tiles in kitchen, holes in wall at mop sink, hole in concrete in utility closet, to be corrected by Oct. 16; NC – need to rinse equipment after washing and before sanitizing, corrected; NC, R – wood is exposed at mop sink, wood must be enclosed and covered, to be corrected by Oct. 16; NC – debris accumulating on mat under drink boxes and in corners by long prep table, to be corrected by Oct. 16; C – reach-in cooler near drive-through is holding food at 45 to 50 degrees, food needs to be held at 41 degrees or below, corrected.

Libby’s Ice Cream

11 S. Main St., Fortville

Violations found: C – sanitizer concentration too strong, corrected; NC – need to provide thermometer in refrigeration units holding potentially hazardous food like milk, to be corrected by Sept. 17; NC – door at restroom needs to be self-closing, to be corrected by Oct. 16.

Sunrise Bakery

101 W. Broadway, Fortville

Violations found: NC – no soap at hand sink, corrected; NC – no paper towels at hand sink, corrected.