Marriage licenses for September 2023


The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

Sept. 1

Theodore Bond Villany, McCordsville, to Brittany Larson, McCordsville.

Bailey Jordan Wallace, Greenfield, to Calen Charles William Bruner, Greenville, Ohio.

Jeremiah Joseph Goff, Fortville, to Chelsea Rae Gibson, Fortville.

Katherine Elizabeth Higham, New Castle, to Jakoby Jerron Lu, Cumberland.

Jack Herbert Underwood, Fortville, to Jo Marilyn Marendt, Fortville.

Donald Ray Newton Jr., McCordsville, to Jaymi Lyn Phillips, McCordsville.

Grace Madelynn McCorkle, Greenfield, to Donovan Grant Colson, Greenfield.

Sept. 5

Jaymes Kasper Vesper, Greenfield, to Adam Kenneth Buckner, Greenfield.

Cameron McClure, Indianapolis, to Brandon Morris, Indianapolis.

Steven Andrew Urban, Fortville, to Lyndsey Marie Daniels, Fortville.

Shelby Lou Hammons, New Palestine, to Gabrial Isaac Spencer, New Palestine.

Sept. 6

John Rozycki, McCorsdville, to Addison Hicks, McCordsville.

Nichole Joan Hawkis, Greenfield, to Bret Luca Bach Scherer, Greenfield.

Stephanie Renee Thorse, Greenfield, to Thomas Eugene Terrell Jr., Greenfield.

Sept. 7

Paul Jason Robbins, New Palestine, to Melissa Renee Sparks, New Palestine.

Ariel Michele Archey, Greenfield, to Anthoy Michael Sell, Greenfield.

Shelby Diane Rodgers, McCorsville, to James Robert Arney, McCordsville.

Sept. 8

Nathan Forrest Buell, Greenfield, to Samantha Grace Joray, Carmel.

McKenna Ashley Riddle, Fortville, to Jeremy Kottlowski, Fortville.

Tara Shayne Whitaker, Greenfield, to Travis R. Plaiss, Greenfield.

Scott Clayton, New Palestine, to Brittany Dueker, New Palestine.

Austin Michael Scheidt, McCorsville, to Courtney Leanne Mager, McCordsville.

Sept. 12

Svon Kimberly Woods, McCordsville, to Troy Anthony Brown, McCordsville.

Sept. 13

Justin Lee Myers, McCordsville, to Diana Miramontes, New Palestine.

Victoria Kay McCarty, McCordsville, to Brandon Allen Kindler, Shirley.

Sarah McKee, Greenfield, to Jason Riggs, Greenfield.

Ashley Nicole Walsh, Greenfield, to Kerry Lynn Saltsman Jr., Greenfield.

Derek W. Eddy, Greenfield, to Caitlyn Lee Jones, Kokomo.

Sept. 14

Kami Lynn Hess, McCordsville, to Casey Dru Gossett, McCordsville.

Adrienne Keyser Holland, McCordsville, to Nicholas Robert Spencer, McCordsville.

Michelle Renee Moore, Greenfield, to Ray Lee Rowlett, Greenfield.

Josetta Stakeman, Greenfield, to Kallen Campbell, Greenfield.

Tana Chinevere, Fortville, to Jonathan Ward, Fishers.

Maxwell Klapak, McCordsville, to Macie Swartz, McCordsville.

Sept. 15

Yesenia Leanne Clifford, Greenfield, to Chase William Klenotic, Greenfield.

Matthew Aaron Ogles, Mooresville, to Angela Crystal Hartvigson, Greenfield.

James Richard Epperson, Wilkinson, to Carol Lynn Kinser, Wilkinson.

Jayde Christian Martin, McCorsville, to Nicholas Kyle Proctor, McCordsville.

Justin Dean Shaw, Greenfield, to Amy Lynn Rager, Greenfield.

Sept. 18

Molly Ann Petrous, Greenfield, to Kirsten Brooke Brown, Greenfield.

Rebekah Ann Emery, New Palestine, to Chauncey Adam Duncan, New Palestine.

Jonathan Buchnik, Indianapolis, to Katelyn Grace Heaston McCordsville.

Sept 19

Alissa Crye, Greenfield, to Austin Gwin, Greenfield.

Dillon Michael Baker, Indianapolis, to Taylor Renee Catron, McCordsville.

Cody Wiliam Earl, Greenfield, to Sadie Elizabeth Baugh, Greenfield.

Thomas John Wilson IV, Greenfield, to Meagan Elizabeth Dietz, Greenfield.

Taylor Suzanne Gibson, Greenfield, to Joseph Ryan Vester, Greenfield.

Sept. 20

Patrick Elijah Harrington, Greenfield, to Sarah Joy Hardin, Greenfield.

Shannon Douglas Mastin, Greenfield, to Carrie Le Kirkpatrick, Greenfield.

Hannah D. Greene, Greenfield, to Joshua Rush, Greenfield.

Sept. 21

Marlin Douglas Durbin, McCordsville, to Gabrielle Dyan Davis, McCordsville.

Carolyn Hope Feltes, Willow Branch, to Mason Watson, Willow Branch.

Sept. 22

Madison Marie Sample, Greenfield, to Seth Michael Lee Hutchinson, Fishers.

Thomas Barfield, Greenfield, to Gina Rush, Noblesville.

Jacqueline Jean Willman, Fishers, to Matthew David Rhinesmith, McCordsville.

Lauren Michelle Hedrick, Fortville, to Zachary James Fager, Fortville.

Desiree Nicole Allen, Fortville, to Sheena Sue Smith, Fortville.

Abigail Redmon, Shirley, to Jessup Russell, Greenfield.

Rachel Clevenger, Fortville, to Philip Nash, Fortville.

Donald Massey, Greenfield, to Josey Treu, Greenfield.

Harmeet Kaur, McCordsville, to Kareem Sheldon Roberts, McCordsville.

Ashley Kathleen Sweet, Greenfield, to Joshua Aaron Crowson, Greenfield.

Jasvir Kaur, New Palestine, to Maninder Singh, New Palestine.

Cody Dale Baughman Greenfield, to Ripley Mansell Nipper, Anderson.

Sept. 25

Ashley Pawlowski, Greenfield, to Ian Holbert, Greenfield.

Sept. 26

Samuel James Lee Shabdue, Pisgah Forest, N.C., to Dixie Marie Fields, Wilkinson.

Sept. 27

Nicolas McDonald, New Palestine, to Jessica Mullin, New Palestine.

Keely Morgan Brancheau, Greenfield, to Giuseppe Tyler Cavaletto, Greenfield.

Michael Adam Pope, Greenfield, to Staci Anne Hall, Greenfield.

Kayla Renae Leggett, Greenfield, to Jacob Charles Hancock, Greenfield.

Sept. 28

Alora Diann Marshall, Fortville, to Cory Dean Turner, Greenfield.

David Tribett, McCordsville, to Amy Majors, McCordsville.

Eric Lynn Lagle, Greenfield, to Melissa Crowder, Greenfield.

Sept. 29

Evan Michael Griffith, New Palestine, to Madelyn Marie Hall, New Palestine.

Emily Diffendarfer, Fort Wayne, to Mitchell Corbat, McCordsville.

Chase Hall, McCordsville, to Michala Hughes, Mccordsville.

Mackenzie Renee Delk, Eaton, Ohio, to Justin David Turk, New Palestine.

Kogan Pifer, Greenfield, to Veronica Christmas, Greenfield.