Marriage licenses


The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

May 2

Sophia Grace Taylor, Greenfield, to Peyton Thomas Chester, New Palestine.

Tersa Middleton, Pendleton, to Diego Alejandro Pena Diaz, Jacksonville, N.C.

Emma Jean Tucher, New Palestine, to Logan Graddy, Greenfield.

May 3

Mallory Willis, Fortville, to Brayton Shannon, Fortville.

Grace Diane Kern, Greenfield, to Zachary Brian Lawhon, Greenfield.

Christopher John Schlichte, McCordsville, to Santia Auguste, McCordsville.

McKenzie Ruth Wilson, Greenfield to David Mitchell Doran Jr., Greenfield.

Carey Scrugs, McCordsville, to Denise Taylor, McCordsville.

Cynthia Leann Hoskins, Greenfield, to Matthew Tyler Savage, Greenfield.

Tony Allen Stone, McCordsville, to Daphne Dee Rankin, Greenfield.

Madison Shyanne Lewis, Lebanon, to Joshua Douglas Helle, Greenfield.

May 6

Rodge Allbright, New Palestine, to Keith David Grant, New Palestine.

Christopher David Zike, McCordsville, to Christina Lee Pett, McCordsville.

Catherine Anne Pond, Indianapolis, to Daniel Edward Sankowsky, Fortville.

Robert Edward Hampton, New Palestine, to Sirin Iamborisut, Thailand.

May 8

Taylor Lynn Harbison, New Castle, to Caleb Michael Reason, Greenfield.

May 10

Alison Hicks, Greenfield, to Michael Greenwood, Greenfield.

Rachel Sanders, Greenfield, to Ross Kent, Greenfield.

Barbara Kamminga, Greenfield, to Jefferson Turnbow, Greenfield.

Lillian Melissa Brackin, Greenfield, to Anthony Lee Kaiser, Greenfield.

Alyssa Guffey, Fountaintown to Evan Schalk, Fountaintown.

May 13

Suzan Dianne Moyer, Indianapolis, to Terry Robert Shoemaker, New Palestine.

May 14

Dustin Michael Acree, Greenfield, to Maria Liliana Teles-Tepale, Indianapolis.

May 15

Taylor Elizabeth Kreiser, Fortville, to Benjamin David Dreikosen, Fortville.

Brian Allen Bridges, Greenfield, to Ashley Widner, Greenfield.

May 16

Evelyn Rose Wiggington, Greenfield, to Noah Christian Harris, Greenwood.

Brandon Loader, McCordsville, to Tiana Connett, McCordsville.

Jordan Drew Freeman, Irvine, Ky., to Caitlin Mae Kelly, Greenfield.

May 17

Olivia Lyndel Blackford Floyd, Greenfield, to Chandler Ryan Sturgis, Greenfield.

Madelyn Elise Ford, Indianapolis, to Kyle Jacob Howell, Indianapolis.

Johnathan Samuel Weaver, Greenfield, to Hope Noel Bailey, Greenfield.

May 21

Stephen Tyler Honn, Fortville, to Heather Nicole Baumgartner, Fortville.

May 22

Taylor Marie Foreman, Greenfield, to Jared Rain Miller, Greenfield.

Joseph Steven Baranowski, New Palestine, to Sarah Elizabeth Lascuola, New Palestine.

Lisa Marie Meinczinger, Greenfield, to Dale Andrew Gulden, Greenfield.

Grace Anne Yantes, McCordsville, to Zachary Christopher Roach, Greenfield.

May 23

Shelby Schuh, Columbia, Mo., to Austin Reed, Columbia, Mo.

Amanda Walker, Greenfield, to Levi Blake, Greenfield.

Jared Amos Maley, New Palestine, to Cynthia May Stephan, New Palestine.

May 24

Taylor Aline Berry, New Palestine, to Joshua David Mullen, New Palestine.

Ryker Large, New Palestine, to Abigail Embry, Bedford.

Elijah Richard McCoy, Greenfield, to Emily Grace Coy, Greenfield.

Taylor Reigh Southerland, Anderson, to Brendan Jacob Ward, Fortville.

Savannah Hutsell, McCordsville, to Greyson Totten, McCordsville.

Matthew Robert Voltz, McCordsville, to Ashlea Irene Sayre, Greenwood.

May 28

Justin Daniel De La Rosa, Greenfield, to Monica Arzola Dorantes, Indianapolis.

May 29

Ciearra Nicole Moody, McCordsville, to Fred Demond Davidson, McCordsville.

Brayden Robert-Crandall Collingsworth, Fortville, to Marissa Isabelle Klarich, Fortville.

Jonathan Brett Going, New Palestine, to Tiffany Leigh Long, Greenfield.

May 30

Hadley Joyce Graham, Greenfield, to Julian Kaiden Walter, Greenfield.

Jonathon Charles Hall, Greenfield, to Naomi Leree Purcell, Greenfield.

May 31

Tyla Jo Spoon, Wilkinson, to Maxwell Thomas Horton, Wilkinson.

Thomas Randall Niemier, New Palestine, to Sydney Nicole Marks, New Palestine.