Real estate transactions


The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

March 31

M/I Homes of Indiana to Scott and Mary Chance, 6934 Pine Vail Blvd., McCordsville, $550,000.

Ellen Legrand Myers to the estate of Pamela Pamer, 829 Meadow Lane, Greenfield, $174,000.

Jon Clark to Seven Points Borrower LLC, 484 Van Buren St., Greenfield, $308,000.

Tracy Colson to David Sward, 26 Liberty View Court, Greenfield, $400,501.

Ridge Acres Real Estate LLC to Sergii Moroz, 420 N. Leland St., Fortville, $165,000.

James and Alisha Plummer to OP SPE TPA 1 LLC, 5722 N. Rockingham Lane, Buck Creek Township, $325,817.

Robert Buss to OP Gold LLC, 702 Breakers Lane, Fortville, $265,677.

Greenfield Land Co. LLC to Pyatt Builders LLC, 211 W. Stoney Trail, Greenfield, $46,000.

Homes in Motion LLC to Timothy and Cheryl Coffey, 57 Fountain Lake Drive, Center Township, $80,000.

Scott and Shannon Evans to GT Real Estate LLC, 75757 N. McCord St., McCordsville, $250,000.

MLT Properties LLC to Gina Colclazier, 614 N. State St., Greenfield, $220,000.

Steven Bumps to Zachaey Glenn Rogers, 12250 Dunbar Circle North, Cumberland – Sugar Creek Township, $180,000.

April 1

Robert Guzman to Joshua Dean and Ashley Renee Coffey, 2511 N. 600E., Jackson Township, $240,000.

Tikal Homes Inc. to Timothy Francis and Sarah Greggerson, 7586 Brownstone Court, Cumberland – Buck Creek Township, $505,000.

NVR Inc. to Stephen Eric and Cynthia Sue Mason, 1251 Gunnison Drive, Greenfield, $316,990.

NVR Inc. to Dennis Good, 1259 Gunnison Drive, Greenfield, $324,990.

DR Horton – Indiana to Caifei Li and Yimei Sun, 2078 Downey Lane, Greenfield, $294,900.

Davis Building Group LLC to Bryce Smith, 204 Park Creek Lane, Fortville, $295,560.

CalAtlantic Homes of Indiana to Kuldeep Singh Jhajj, 9712 Cimmaron Ave., McCordsville, $461,250.

DR Horton – Indiana to John and Chantel Fowler, 2063 Downey Lane, Greenfield, $319,900.

Five-Star Investment Group to Yamasa Co. Ltd., 1380 Clove Drive, Greenfield, $250,000.

Arbor Homes to Crystal Gilliatt and Wesley Ayers, 5719 Teak Lane, McCordsville, $334,995.

Arbor Homes to LaQuita Thomas-Trabue, 5822 Terracotta Trace, McCordsville, $339,898.

April 4

Frederick and Carolyn Thomas to B&M Hancock Properties LLC, 21-23 Candlelite Court, Greenfield, $110,000.

Taylor Englehardt and Martin Beltran to Daniel Vickery and Stephanie Komjian, 6128 N. Caraway Drive, McCordsville, $421,000.

JH Williams Run LLC to Robert Andry Jr., 1601 Linden Lane, Greenfield, $51,900.

Jordan Allen and Jordan Ashley Vickers to Alex Neligh, 1778 Roosevelt Drive, Greenfield, $220,000.

Premier Consolidated Services LLC to Kevin and Katherine Buckingham, 7190 N. Lake Shore Drive, Green Township, $200,000.

Jennifer Kortz to Jonathan Burgette, 1108 Apple St., Greenfield, $259,900.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis to Tenner Hardiman, 1443 Spring Meadows Court, Greenfield, $430,000.

Monica Fox to Craig and Erica Ryan, 230 E. Delaware St., Fortville, $330,000.

Bridgenorth Homes LLC to Lance and Cassandra Hummer, 4600 W. Meadows Lane, New Palestine, $405,655.

Bridgenorth Homes LLC to Donald and Sandra Kiesler, 4529 W. Rising Sun Drive, New Palestine, $318,670.

James Ferrill to Melvin and Joyce Tindall, 366 W. 900N., Vernon Township, $375,000.

Tena Morez to Joel Stephen and Andrea Lynn Combs, 1839 W. 1000N., Vernon Township, $310,300.

Joseph and Joni Reeves to John Shull, 6294 N. Ind. 9, Green Township, $248,000.

JH Williams Run LLC to Phillip and Crystal Smith, 1577 N. Blue Road, Greenfield, $65,900.

Stanley and Joyce McClimon to Matthew Stephens, 6049 W. 500N., Buck Creek Township, $260,000.

Keller Development Inc. to Korbyn Creek LP, 401, 409, 411 E. Osage St., Greenfield, $300,000.

Clayton Properties Group to Michael Lamar Tolbert, 2269 Sante Fe Drive, Greenfield, $275,186.

Angela Moody to BSFR II Owner I LLC, 6913 W. Briar Park View, Sugar Creek Township, $302,500.

Anna Rucker to Caitlyn and Nicholas Reusser, 6427 Fawn Way, McCordsville, $366,000.

Aretha Shonta and Jamal Dreher to John and Amanda DeRoss, 6204 N. Caraway Drive, McCordsville, $369,900.

Arbor Homes to Fred and Jessica Moses, 7067 Provincial Drive, McCordsville, $358,182.

Arthur Gatewood Jr. to Carey Goff, 616 S. Oak St., Fortville, $25,000.

Pyatt Builders LLC to Tracie Lynn Meyer, 1935 S. Reilly Lane, Sugar Creek Township, $336,175.