Real Estate – September 7

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The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

July 27

Forza Broadway Holdings to NZG Realty, LLC, 407 E. Broadway St., Fortville; $175,000.

William and Amanda Knepper to David and Angela Eubanks, 8376 N. Doheny Drive, McCordsville; $415,000.

Michael Lane and Ginger White, 5435 N. Woodside Court, McCordsville, $325,100.

Bradley and Jennifer Rust to Olympus Borrower LLC, 5636 W. Woodhaven Drive, McCordsville, $251,000.

Lennar Homes of Indiana to Jonathan Mitchell and Amanda Spencer, 4795 W. Safford Drive, New Palestine, $288,890.

Clayton Properties Group to Zachary and Madison Strunk, 413 Thunderwood Drive, Greenfield, $190,263.

Danny and Theresa Downton to Gandandeep and Jaswinder Kaur Singh, 1017 E. McClaron Drive, Greenfield, $280,000.

James D. Hix Revocable Trust to Jack and Mary Dossey, 318 E. South St., Greenfield, $100,000.

July 28

Howard and Carol Graham to James Cross, 3898 S. Apple Cave Court, Sugar Creek Township, $175,000.

Joyner Homes to Jared Williamson and Katherine Wells, 102 Saundra Drive, Fortville, $51,900.

Adam and Teresa Helton to Allan Moorhead, 6819 W. Colonial Drive, Buck Creek Township, $177,000.

Francis and Lila Denton to Joy Marie and Jason Taylor Higbee, 1258 S. 600W, Sugar Creek Township, $330,000.

Gateway Communities LLC to Kevin McCarty Revocable Trust, 4426 W. Preserve Pass, New Palestine, $350,650.

Keith and Robin Ward to Brandon Lee Reed and Kayla Pratley, 225 W. Fifth St., Greenfield, $151,000.

James and Marnie Short to Keith Dyar and Jan Johnson, 8662 N. Emerald Blvd., McCordsville, $395,000.

Sherri Jones to Austin Jones, 5518 N. Red Oak Drive, Center Township, $330,000.

Kirma L. Shamblin to Forrest Lee and Paula Karol Staley, 330 W. Osage St., Greenfield, $139,000.

July 29

Frank D. Stockton to Asher and Christina McNaughton, 3332 S. Leonard Road, Sugar Creek Township, $303,000.

Indianapolis Real Estate Investments to Mile High Borrower, 6427 W. Philadelphia Drive, Buck Creek Township, $271,500.

Brian and Dana Mead to Ryan Rives and Amber Contreras, 5747 N. Rockingham Lane, Buck Creek Township, $230,000.

Lennar Homes of Indiana to Dylan Christopher and Emily Sparks, 4823 W. Safford Drive, New Palestine, $310,885.

Dennis Malloy to Kameron Utter, 8669 N. Deer Crossing Blvd., McCordsville, $290,000.

Cataline Realties LLC to RM 1 SFR Propco, 2270 Jaybird Drive, Greenfield, $271,442.

Courtney Clardy to M&M 2020, 5746 N. 600W., McCordsville/Buck Creek Township, $291,000.

CalAtlantic Homes of Indiana to Jason and Trisha Evans, 9709 Highview Lane, McCordsville, $376,375.

CalAtlantic Homes of Indiana to Elizabeth and Gary McColgan, 9708 Highview Lane, McCordsville, $378,500.

Fischer Homes of Indianapolis to Cynthia Hoskins and Matthew Savage, 657 Van Buren St., Greenfield, $226,030.

Fischer Homes of Indianapolis to Thomas Bardach and Suzanne Simmons, 6659 Eagles Nest Lane, McCordsville, $455,646.

Stacye Brickertt to Steve and Lorri Lord, 2130 S. Oakwood Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $269,900.

D.R. Horton-Indiana to Craig and Carrie Cusenz, 1951 Fairmount Drive, Greenfield, $267,490.

Donald Dean Smith Jr. to Michael Messier, 7384 Yorkshire Blvd., Cumberland/Sugar Creek Township, $332,500.

July 30

David Alan and Jimmy Ray Boling to Anabel Haviza, 6216 N. Woods Edge Court, McCordsville, $244,500.