Letter to the editor: Column challenging use of tax abatements was spot-on

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To the editor:

Re: Andrew Smith’s column that appeared Jan. 5 on the opinion page ("Development on taxpayers’ backs," Page A4)

Rarely does a clear, concise article appear on the opinion page that isn’t full of vitriol for an opposing political party or group. This was eloquently worded and hit the proverbial nail on the head regarding the consistent, costly failure of tax abatements and incentives offered to any company that approaches our councils. Some shell buildings are still being built seeking out future companies that might be enticed to Hancock County.

Maybe 30 years ago, the abatement plan was a viable option that helped both parties, but not anymore! Elanco may have been an unforeseen shocker, but more of this will happen if we continue on our current path. Any current, future, or even past movers and shakers on the councils involved in this abatement/incentive policy need to read and reread Andrew Smith’s column!

It always seems to happen: A well-meaning person of stature in the county runs for council and goes in with the best of intentions but rather quickly falls into a self-serving agenda where they think they are going to be known for their great service yet turn out to be known for their collusion with other "movers and shakers" to achieve notoriety and maybe even end up with their name on one of the local government buildings, streets, or parks.

Like I say, reread Andrew Smith’s column. Definitely one of the best to appear in recent times that actually accomplishes its purpose: a great educational tool for future candidates!

Dennis V. Dunn