Letter to the editor: On teacher compensation, a race to the bottom


To the editor:

In response to your article regarding the Next Level Teachers Compensation Commission (“After pay report, educators hope state helps,” Dec. 26, A1), my thoughts are as follows.

The commission did address the need for additional funding for education. One suggestion proposed was budget cuts to fund additional funding for teachers’ pay. In the past, these cuts start with reduction in teachers’ compensation or wage freezes.

Another suggestion was local referendums to finance an increase in compensation. It appears these sometimes work, notably in more affluent districts. I’m guessing the more rural areas are far less likely to approve these measures.

An additional proposal was removing spouses from insurance coverage. Why not remove children and really save some money?

The solution would be a one-time increase matching inflation or a $1,000 one-time pay-out. The state could then hold news conferences touting its commitment to education.

Undoubtedly there is a teacher compensation issue. That’s as far as it will go.

We will soon join the southern-tier states in our education system. The best thing is you don’t have to spend a lot to be mediocre.

Robert Heiden