Real Estate – September 27

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The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

July 19

Jacob A. Flagle to Levi and Alexis Williams, 6804 W. Stinemyer Road, Sugar Creek Township, $327,500.

Patricia A. Thomas to Janet A. Fleming, 951 Ariel Way, Greenfield, $142,500.

Linda W. Christian Donation Trust to Christopher R. and Tracy Lewis, E. U.S. Highway 40, Jackson Township, $206,052.

Jodi N. Bronson to Love Inc of Greater Hancock County, 630 N. State St., Greenfield, $139,900.

Marilyn W. Gossett to Dean E. and Charla A. Fout, 8493 E. U.S. Highway 40, Jackson Township, $110,000.

Kate E. Pearson to Erin P. Grimes, 242 W. Pierson St., Greenfield, $110,000.

Jason Duff to Thomas C. Brown and Jessica L. Wise, 1144 N. Creekview Drive, Buck Creek Township, $420,000.

Sarah S. Loutt to Jeffrey R. and Ronda S. Engle, 7524 W. Ivy Lane, Sugar Creek Township, $265,000.

Elaine M. Lowe to Madonna S. Loudermilk, 3998 S. County Road 450 W., Sugar Creek Township, $220,000.

Steve and Norda J. Sturm to Simple Quarters LLC, 231 Walnut St., Greenfield, $61,525.

Rex J. and Kathleen H. Ellis to Chad M. and Kathleen L. Molinder, 126 Elm Drive, Greenfield, $145,700.

July 20

Shivam Inc. to James V. and Nicole A. Bennett, 3150 W. U.S. Highway 40, Sugar Creek Township, $70,000.

Grady L. and Jenae L. Bishop to Todd A. and Julia M. Degler, 1613 E. Casey Lane, Center Township, $435,000.

Justin M. Henderson and Melissa R. Clark to Roy T.V. Brown, 392 Longfellow Court, Greenfield, $130,000.

Gary W. and Joyce A. Deaton to Katherine N. and Cody J. Ash, 4355 N. State Road 9, Center Township, $597,000.

Matthew M. and Tiffany A. Abernathy to Mary B. and David Schwan, 1846 S. Fox Cove Blvd., Sugar Creek Township, $355,000.

Edward D. Lessley to Matthew M. and Tiffany A. Abernathy, 5229 W. County Road 300 S., Sugar Creek Township, $200,000.

Robert E. and Helen L. Thompson to David J. and Lou Ann Lake, 2391 E. County Road 300 N., Center Township, $35,000.

John C. and Clarita F. Drinkut to Edward P. and Kristine H. Kaminski, 198 Derbyshire Drive, Cumberland town/Sugar Creek Township, $295,000.

Ronald Adams to Craig A. and Shawn Griggs, 117 E. Main St., New Palestine, $160,000.

July 23

Amber L. Antle to Ty B. Hite, 209 Creek View Drive, Greenfield, $230,000.

David F. and Donna Zirkle to Amber L. Brown, 1692 E. Casey Lane, Center Township, $345,000.

John and Karen Gundrum to Janette M. and Randall L. Mitchell, N. County Road 50 W, Vernon Township, $4,000.

Lisa Seyfried to Nathaniel D. Fellerman, 1320 Mulberry Court, Greenfield, $127,500.

July 25

Ellie McGuffrey-Hammons to Erick T. and Sarah D. Russell, 7218 N. County Road 500 W., Vernon Township, $255,000.

Pensco Trust Co. LLC, Custodian FBO to LKE Properties LLC, 119 Ellis Drive, Greenfield, $45,000.

Jeffrey D. and Roberta V. Fox to 1273 N. Blue Spruce Court, Buck Creek Township, $367,000.

July 26

Joseph J. and Daryn R. Wilkins to J.C. Flagle Realty 2200 LLC, W. Stinemyer Road, Sugar Creek Township, $150,000.

Joseph J. and Daryn R. Wilkins to Jacob A. and Chasity L. Flagle, 7747 W. Stinemyer Road, Sugar Creek Township, $654,000.