Real Estate – July 3

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The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

May 1

Dennis S. Bailey and Lynne M. Strahl to Pamela R. Kottkamp, 410 W. North St., Greenfield, $78,500.

Katrina D. and Aaron S. Baker to Joshua M. Richardson, 1525 Carlton Drive, Greenfield, $105,500.

Premier Home Services LLC to Justin C. Sharritts, 968 Ginger Circle, Greenfield, $128,000.

Monte B. and Tina M. Gruell to Jill R. Troyer, 430 N. East St., Greenfield, $50,000.

R & S Mohr Family Farms Inc. to Gregory P. and Ann Smith, 6278 N. County Road 500E, Green Township, $130,000.

Brad T. Roembke to Allison Hesters and Adam Winebrenner, 6215 Caribou Circle, Sugar Creek Township, $183,000.

Centennial Commons LLC to Dennis R. and Donna L. Schultz, 4905 W. Congress Cove, Sugar Creek Township, $210,088.71.

Nationstar Mortgage Co. LLC to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., 201 S. Ash St., Fortville, exempt.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to PNC Bank, 614 E. Mill St., Fortville, exempt.

Rodney A. Neal to Kelly A. Mauk-Neal, 8350 N. Crestview Trail, McCordsville, exempt.

May 4

Timothy E. and Amanda Coffman to Erica A. Pribble, 210 Illinois St., Shirley, $84,500.

Jay M. and Kimberlee R. Hine to Equity Trust Co., 2573 W. County Road 100N, Buck Creek Township, $300,000.

Anthony D. and Tammy A. Bobbitt to Ronald and Rebecca Winkle, 1289 N. Manchester Drive, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $210,000.

Dennis W. and Ruby E. Bowman to Ronald N. and Jean Ralston, 1973 W. County Road 200N, Center Township, $169,900.

Willa D. Lopez to Thomas Boles-Lopez and Sarah K. Foist, 311 Douglas St., Greenfield, $100,000.

Quicken Loans Inc. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 1681 Copeland Farms Drive, Greenfield, exempt.

Federal National Mortgage to Brian Clifford and Virginia L. Layton, 1045 Maple Drive, Greenfield, $79,000.

Estate of Mary C. O’Brien to Tyler Lyons and Stephanie Melvin, 403 Winfield St., Greenfield, $97,000.

Tina M. Walker to Jessica L. Barnville, 1477 Cypress Drive, Greenfield, $116,000.

Bevo LLC to Arbor Homes LLC, 692 Geronimo Drive, Greenfield, $36,500.

George Coleman and Michele A. Cronk to Michele A. Cronk, 429 Madison St., Greenfield, $47,500.

Estate of Donald L. Billerman to Bre Ann Waters, 4509 N. County Road 800E, Jackson Township, $121,900.

Michael J. and Julia A. Denzio to BCAT 2014-4TT, 4192 S. Creekside Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $83,670.40.

Phyllis E. and Richard T. Lindeman to Phillip J. Fuhrman, 6735 W. County Road 100S, Sugar Creek Township, $152,000.

Arbor Homes LLC to Ramona L. Smith, 559 Flint Blvd., Fortville, $133,060.

Joshua V. and Sarah E. Terebinski to Cory M. and Lauren E. Schneider, 5560 W. Glenview Drive, McCordsville, $185,000.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis LLC to Dustin and Heather Morris, 5606 W. Woods Edge Drive, McCordsville, $187,420.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Troy H. and Sweet S. Peters, 5710 W. Woodview Trail, McCordsville, $171,900.

Anna M. Crawshaw to Deena D. Driscoll, 6781 W. Denton Drive, McCordsville, $122,000.

Kevin Hovis to Freo Indiana LLC, 8689 N. Deer Crossing Blvd., McCordsville, $153,000.

May 6

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to Eddie Hall, 233 W. Weber Road, Brandywine Township, $75,000.

Brian L. and Dolly D. Wisehart to John D. and Diana W. Masters, N. County Road 1125E, Brown Township, $475,000.

Ohio Investments LLC to Kamen A. Sexton, 2398 E. County Road 500N, Center Township, $93,900.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Barbara S. Zahn, 1305 Worcester Way, Greenfield, $125,000.

Jane B. Schaefer and Raphael J. Schaefer to Leah M. Moore, 1252 Fox Trail Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $149,900.

Pulte Homes of Indiana LLC to Charles A. and Jennifer L. Hurst, 5855 W. Commonview Drive, McCordsville, $358,355.

May 7

Secretary of Housing to David D. Camp, 9177 N. County Road 750E, Brown Township, $70,679.

Robert P. Sheets to David W. Weston, 3113 W. Sharon Drive, Buck Creek Township, $123,250.

Richard Moubray et al. to Michael L. and Lisa A. Champion, 504 N. County Road 200W, Buck Creek Township, $143,625.

Marcia Frazier and Heather N. Walker to Linda Davis, 1108 E. First St., Greenfield, $55,000.

Carolyn M. and David R. Crabtree to Gary W. and Jean Smiddy, 38 Patriot Court, Greenfield, $190,000.