Match Day # ten for July 3 lifestyle page


Featured Match Day participant:

Love In the Name of Christ (Love INC)

Secretary, board of directors: Tom Ferguson


Love INC exists to mobilize the local churches to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ. Love INC serves the church, and the church serves those with needs. Love INC, through church volunteers, serves anyone with a manageable need in its service area. Love INC organizes and equips church members from across many denominations to lead courses and/or mentor folks in need to help them learn skills needed to move toward self-sufficiency.

Organization highlights:

•When Meri first came to Love INC’s job skills workshop, she was extremely shy and didn’t say much. By the third night, Meri was interacting with others and asking questions. Her self-confidence increased as she built relationships with others. Meri learned how to gain employment, design a résumé and improve her interviewing skills. She also learned what her strengths were and how to market them effectively.

•John and Joyce have been receiving assistance from Love INC since 2013. They received a wide variety of help, including financial assistance.

In the fall of 2014, they agreed to go through the Hearts of Hope Money Management program. They were paired with two volunteers, who mentored them through the process.

The program helped them re-evaluate how they were spending and to improve their budget. They were able to pay a few debts off and are continuing to pay the rest of their bills. They were also looking for a church and have since started attending First Church of God on a regular basis and have formed relationships since getting involved at the church.

•Karen contacted the office with a plumbing issue. The volunteer fixing the plumbing problem learned she was struggling to pay a utility bill and needed to go to the doctor.

Duke Energy helped Karen with her utility bill. Other agencies and churches responding were Salvation Army, Living Streams Church, Trinity Park UMC and Park Chapel.

Match Day funding plans:

The grant for immediate use that Love INC receives will be used to help fund the creation of new ministries, outreach and programming for the transformational ministry, as well as general operating expenses.

The grant it receives to grow the endowment will play a key role in Love INC’s carrying out its mission for generations to come.

Because the principal endowment remains untouched for all time, the fund provides an ongoing stream of revenue to support the organization’s day-to-day operations and services now and far into the future.

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Match Day, sponsored by the Hancock County Community Foundation, is a day-long fundraising event benefiting 12 local nonprofits. Between now and July 24 (Match Day), we’ll feature these nonprofits and highlight their offerings in the community.

Donations made on Match Day, July 24, will be matched two ways:

1) Every community gift received during the 24-hour period will be matched by funds from a community foundation pool of $80,000, which will go toward the organizations’ immediate needs. How much of that pool is received is proportional to how much the organization raises on Match Day.

2) All community gifts will also be endowed and matched 50 cents on the dollar, up to $7,500 per organization, from a $90,000 grant pool from the Lilly Endowment. This means each organization’s goal is to raise $15,000 in order to receive the entire $7,500 match.

All Match Day contributions must be made on July 24 in order to be counted as part of the campaign. Individuals may make online contributions at They can make a gift by cash, check (dated July 24) or credit card at the foundation office or by phone. Gifts via mail will be accepted only if postmarked July 24.

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The Hancock County Community Foundation works with individuals, families and organizations to create or grow existing permanent funds called endowments. These funds generate income that is distributed in the form of grants and scholarships to enrich and enhance life in Hancock County, as well as support the donor’s favorite charitable causes, both at home and afar, forever. The foundation has granted more than $10 million since its inception in 1992.