Marriage licenses


The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

Oct. 2

Olivia Jeske, New Palestine, to Caleb Roller, New Palestine.

Kaitlyn Johnston, Fortville, to Jacob Burke, Fortville.

Emily Jo Thomas, Greenfield, to Nicholas Wayne Reynolds, Greenfield.

Jessica Arleen Higham, Greenfield, to Jakob Mikael Harris, Greenfield.

Oct. 3

Taylor Paige Pinnick, Cumberland, to Austin William Evans, Greenfield.

Austin Paul Ribickas, Greenfield, to Brynne Elise Thoman, Brownsburg.

Jessica Lee Napier, Greenfield, to JosephLee Smith, Greenfield.

Gracie Anne Johnson, Greenfield, to Jackson Edward Beaudry, Greenfield.

Oct. 4

Alec Ferror Rocha, Greenfield, to Rachel Nicole Allison, Greenfield.

McKenzie Alanna Privette, Greenfield, to Kevin James Riley, Greenfield.

James M. Perry, Greenfield, to Brianna Danielle Cook, New Palestine.

Kara Anne Mustard, New Palestine, to Coltin James Espich, New Palestine.

Oct. 9

Timothy Carris Richardson, Rushville, to Brenda Sue Siler, Shirley.

David Hollis, Greenfield, to Celia Lerma-Vazquez, Greenfield.

Kara Marie Smith, Greenfield, to Brock Allen Downer, Greenfield.

Ashley Bazier, Terre Haute, to Matthew Powell, Fortville.

Oct. 10

Caitlin Matchett, McCordsville, to Collin Herbert Arney, McCordsville.

Kennedy Blake Louks, Greenfield, to Cassidy Christian Blackwell, Greenfield.

Jordan Shae Ventresco, Knightstown, to Bradley Lowe, Greenfield.

Sarah Jane Charles, Fortville, to Conner Patrick Kroh, Fortville.

Oct. 11

David Peck, Greenfield, to Cassandra Boehme, Greenfield.

Carlie Marie Vaughn, Wilkinson, to Camden Neal Walther, Holton.

Tracie Lynn Meyer, New Palestine, to Daniel Christopher Buhler, New Palestine.

Lawrence Kruckeberg, Greenfield, to Pamela Reynolds, Greenfield.

Oct. 12

Annmarie Rowe, Greenfield, to Blake Samuel Wright, Greenfield.

Brennen Fox, Greenfield, to Ashley Marie Reynolds, Indianapolis.

Mark Small McCordsville, to Brandie Crawford, McCordsville.

Kaley Tucker, New Palestine to Matthew Feeney, New Palestine.

Martina Alma Lusco, Wilkinson, to Lynn Vince White II, Wilkinson.

Alexandra Noel Dixon-Pearson, Greenfield, to Kerry William Henson, Greenfield.

Oct. 13

Shay Nicole Lundsford, Fortville, to Michael Aaron Vanfossan, Fortville.

Blain Ryan Stacey, Greenfield, to Tessa Ray Jaynes, Greenfield.

Jeremiah Carder, Indianapolis, to Destiny Carnes, Shirley.

Brooklyn Grace Strong, Greenfield, to Nolan Ray Hill, Charlottesville.

Adrienne Allene Roberts, New Palestine, to Michael Meyer, New Palestine.

Oct. 16

Claire Elisabeth Cherry, New Palestine, to Peyton Michael Gray, Shirley.

Oct. 17

Luke Christifer Alvarez, Greenfield, to Reagan Julianne Hunt, Greenfield.

Kari Ann Saunders, Charlottesville, to Darrell Christopher Gaddis, Charlottesville.

Oct. 19

Kira Haney, Greenfield, to Lee Paschal, Greenfield.

Brock David Ramsey, Greenfield, to Jessica Nicole Bilbrey, Greenfield.

Oct. 20

Allison Michelle Raffaelli, Forville, to Ty Rene Westfall, Fortville.

April May Jenkins, Indianapolis, to Jesse Ray Smith, Greenfield.

Rachel Kristina Davis, McCordsville, to Marcos Garcia, McCordsville.

Eric Matheney, New Palestine, to Zoe Shreffler, New Palestine.

Erika Sue Daniel, Greenfield, to Justin Michael Davis, Ingalls.

Erika Lynn Huntsman, Greenfield, to Grant Robert Kent, Greenfield.

Larry Everett Helphinstine, Frankfort, Ky., to Kathryn Mary Cagle, New Palestine.

Codey Miller, Greenfield, to Thomas Riggs, Greenfield.

Andrea Marie Brown, Greenfield, to Thomas Teng Yang, Greenfield.

Oct. 23

Debra Dolores Williams, Greenfield, to Jimmy Lee Bradway, Greenfield.

Samantha Josephine Rooney, Greenfield, to Clinton Nolte Wayne, Greenfield.

Skylar Lee Johnson, Greenfield, to Courtney Marie Wolfe, Greenfield.

Gretchen Nicole Miller, Greenfield, to Corbin Dean Ailes, Greenfield.

Shelby Stallard, McCordsville, to Tanner Kinman, Indianapolis.

Oct. 24

Carrie Ann Hallgarth, New Palestine, to Eric W. Nigh, New Palestine.

Oct. 25

Aurora Suzanne Deberry, Greenfield, to Lazavier Eric Heard, McCordsville.

Jason Marion Lewis II, Greenfield, to Madigan Marie Pea, Greenfield.

Oct. 26

Makayla Ann Means, Fortville, to Dirk William Haden, Fortville.

Matthew Christopher George, Verona, Wis., to Kaylee Ann Walden, Greenfield.

Crystal Dawn Cutshaw, Greenfield, to Jason Gregory Reeves, Greenfield.

Oct. 27

Tyler A. Ward, New Palestine, to Sydney A. Overton, New Palestine.

Oct. 30

Morgan Haines, Greenfield, to Lucas Greenwood, Greenfield.

Oct. 31

Calley Ault, Greenfield, to Caleb Christian Roots, McCordsville.

Dawn Higsby, Greenfield, to Jack Hutchison, Evansville.

Jesse Bruening, Indianapolis, to Kylie O’Shea, Indianapolis.