Marriage licenses


The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

May 16

Michael Allen Batchelor, McCordsville, to Wendy Cummings, Lombard, Ill.

May 17

Chelsea Shelley, Greenfield, to Adam Bunger, Greenfield.

Lisa Cook, Greenfield, to Adam Herrell, Greenfield.

May 18

Erelena Bell, Greenfield, to Jace Maroska, Greenfield.

May 19

Katie Nicole Huston, McCordsville, to Matthew Van Hoosen, McCordsville.

Alek Cappelletti, McCordsville, to Emily Moore, McCordsville.

Kayla Ann Aaron, Greenfield, to Lindsey Jo Anne Chimento-Meister, Greenfield.

Noah Bylsma, Franklin, Tenn., to Elaina Carrell, Indianapolis.

Henry Evans, Greenfield, to Kathryn Austin, Greenfield.

Tasha Martin, Greenfield, to Konnie Moffett, Greenfield.

Kacie Phelps, Martinsville, to Dominic Fulk, Greenfield.

Hunter Althoff, Greenfield, to Traci Alig, Greenfield.

May 22

James Roe, Greenfield, to Ashley Everhart, Greenfield.

Levi Bennett Gulley, New Palestine, to Ashley Nicole Hansel, New Palestine.

May 23

Emma Lea Bruning, Greenfield, to Avery Nathaniel Hammond, Hamilton, Ohio.

Paige Olivia Harker, Greenfield, to E’Mondre Lavelle Rickman, East St. Louis, Ill.

May 24

Esther Mae Virginia Michael New Palestine, to Daniel Sutton Burson, Berne.

Jennifer Whitaker, Indianapolis, to Myka Ingram, Greenfield.

May 25

Danielle Marie Kemp, Greenfield, to William Ripley Campton, Greenfield.

John Todd Walter, McCordsville, to Julie Ann Sherrill, McCordsville.

Vanessa Rivera Perez, Fortville, to Jelson Romero, Fortville.

May 26

Hannah Lee Collins, Willow Branch, to Matthew Clark, Indianapolis.

Mary Miller, Greenfield, to William Mullins, Greenfield.

May 30

Shannyn Walker, Indianapolis, to Scott Allen, Greenwood.

Joshua Christopher Gill, Greenfield, to Teresa Ann Schrader, Greenfield.

Robert Eugene Drake, Greenfield, to Erika Beth Galyean, Greenfield.

May 31

Zoe Elizabeth Kesler, Greenfield, to Burns Malcolm Platts, Greenfield.

Adam Will, New Palestine, to Erin Will, New Palestine.

Marisa Lauren Rader, New Palestine, to Tyler Chadwick Minth, New Palestine.

Jennifer Ann Payton, New Palestine, to Aaron Shawn Butler, New Palestine.

Courtney Dawn Spurgeon, Greenfield, to Jason Andrew Bonham, Greenfield.