Letter to the Editor: ‘Will we ever learn?’


To the Editor:

I was one of those that was certain that there is no more racism, and certainly not in Hancock County. Your story about the treatment of a black kid from Indianapolis really blew me and my beliefs out of the water.

The whole Community Correction program was set up to integrate those who have had a brush with the law back into the community and rehab them so that everyone benefits. They get to live at home and continue with their job and we benefit by not having them in and out of our jail system.

But your revelation as to how one such young man was treated by three Community Corrections officers was so depressing.

Will we really ever get over racism if this is how county employees treat those they are supposed to help?

The story did not indicate whether these three employees are still working at the same jobs. Shame on our elected officials if they are. Racism is perpetuated by overlooking it, with the taxpayers picking up the tab when the person who was treated so wrong wins a large civil rights lawsuit. Will we never learn?

Suellen Portman