Masters in mud: Local preschool not afraid to get dirty to explore science, math


GREENFIELD— Mud day at Greenfield-Central’s Cougar Cubs Preschool yielded plenty of smiles through all the dirt and grime.

But it wasn’t simply play – they learned math, science, cooperation and more.

Students had buckets of dirt and learned that mud is made when dirt gets wet, the preschool reported through social media. They explored with pans, muffin tins, scoops, funnels and trucks.

What happens when more water is added? – they used scientific thinking.

How many scoops fit in a muffin tin? – that’s math.

How does mud feel on your toes? – exploring senses.

While developing fine motor skills and cooperative play, they also learned that some of their friends didn’t like the mud. Discovering preferences, they learned that it’s ok to have differences of opinion.