Real estate transactions


The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Sept. 1

Weekley Homes LLC to Geneva Reimer, 433 Washington St., Fortville, $404,002.

Robert Spragg to John D. Watson, 970 N. Maiellen Drive, Buck Creek Township, $260,000.

Michael J. Conroy to Cheonagae S. and Claude H. Welch, 1213 N. 300W., Buck Creek Township, $425,000.

BGRS LLC to Tarundeep Singh, 6784 Birmingham Ave., McCordsville, $385,000.

Wayne and Debbie Howell to Mason Watson, 6311 E. Third St., Brown Township, $125,000.

Eric and Katina Shriver to Jason Robert Parker, 2084 S. Winding Oaks Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $750,000.

BAF 3 LLC to BAF Assets 5 LLC, 1518 Bittersweet Drive, Greenfield, $245,000.

BAF 3 LLC to BAF Assets 5 LLC, 350 Brookstone Drive, Greenfield, $248,000.

Sept. 2

Silverthorne Homes to Janet and Joseph Kincheloe, 6883 W. Jennifer Drive, Buck Creek Township, $419,362.

Gary Wiley Revocable Trust to Elizabeth Trejo, 6334 N. 500W., Vernon Township, $299,000.

Michael Lindsay to Victoria Meador and Kurt Linville, 1016 School St., Greenfield, $187,000.

Benjamin Wade to Chance McDaniel, 8609 N. 300W., Vernon Township, $300,000.

Matthew and Ginger Pelger to Charles Evan Matlock, 6316 E. 300 S., Blue River Township, $624,000.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis II LLC to James Kuria and Scholastica Mulwa, 6283 N. Woodhaven Drive, McCordsville, $407,000.

Steve and Tonya Craney to Taylor James Federici, 98 S. 200 W., Sugar Creek Township, $100,000.

Matthew Thoams Werner and Melissa Lee Bedell to Shawn and Georgia Elkins, 2113 S. Noelting Way, Sugar Creek Township, $369,900.

JH Williams Run LLC to Dennis and Jan McMahan, 1602 Tupelo Drive / 1551 Linden Lane, Greenfield, $54,900.

Arbor Homes to Ashley and Kevin Beverly, 5738 Teak Lane, McCordsville, $327,952.

Jonathan and Ashley hart to Andrea Michelle and Brandon Estes, 1071 N. Village Greene Drive, Cumberland – Buck Creek Township, $388,000.

Guy and Denise Stricker to Madison and David Judy Henderson, 3493 S. 500 W., Sugar Creek Township, $120,000.

Ryan Homes to Severiano Guy Lopez III, 1375 Cascades Drive, Greenfield, $303,935.

Nancy Hilliker to Austin and Kaylee Dodd, 6238 W. Broken Arrow Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $400,000.

William and Holly Fadely to Jameson and Jordan Supan, 8488 N. Ind. 109, Brown Township, $205,000.

Susana Hernandez to Tabitha Ennis, 5642 N. Jefferson Drive, Buck Creek Township, $291,500.

Brandywine of Greenfield LLC to NVR Inc., 1817 Cascades Drive, Greenfield, $58,680.

Brandywine of Greenfield LLC to NVR Inc., 1224 Gunnison Drive, Greenfield, $59,950.

Brandywine of Greenfield LLC to NVR Inc., 1806 Cascades Drive, Greenfield, $58,680.

Robert and Peggy Ingram to Evan Solgere, 5562 W. Beechwood Lane, Sugar Creek Township, $295,000.

Sept. 6

Davis Building Group LLC to Nicole Lynn and Caleb White, 114 Saundra Drive, Fortville, $434,000.

Offerpad SPE Borrower A LLC to Chris and Melissa Couch, 426 N. Crystal Drive, Fortville, $276,000.

Bryson Holdings LLC to Margaret Rocks, 528 Grove St., Greenfield, $82,500.

Brian Mershon to Denise Mershon, 226 N. Harrison St., Greenfield, $180,000.

DR Horton – Indiana to Pamela McClintic Revocable Trust, 1739 Beyers St., Fortville, $309,199.

Sauerheber Living Trust to Joel Furgason, 9707 N. Briarway Lane, McCordsville, $360,000.

Christiaan Pretorius to FKH SFR LLP, 882 Geronimo Drive, Greenfield, $290,000.

Kayla and Nicholas Baute to Andrew Cross, 606 S. State St., Greenfield, $148,000.

Phillip and Teresa Ritchie to Brandon and Hannah Costello, 8568 N. Ricks Drive West, Vernon Township, $250,000.

Randal Wilson to James and Lauri Evans, 4921 W. Stonehaven Lane, New Palestine, $282,000.

CalAtlantic Homes of Indiana to Dawn Rhodes Trust, 5428 W. Turnbuckle Place, McCordsville, $474,445.

Lisa and Max Robison to Jeannie Bowen, 1264 Worcester Way, Greenfield, $220,000.