Real estate transactions


The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

June 13

Eric Frenzel to Elaine Cox, 1108 E. Apple Lake Drive, Greenfield, $207,500.

Bridgenorth Homes LLC to Karen and William Filler, 4517 W. Meadows Lane, New Palestine, $382,882.

Dan Justus to Kendal Baker, 417 Monroe St., Fortville, $171,000.

Eric Allen to Kyle Davis, 225 Meridian St., Shirley, $169,000.

Brent Alan and Apryl Dunn to Jeffrey and Mary Bogle, 1536 E. Greyhawk Way, Brandywine Township, $570,000.

Sylvia Settles to William and Tammy Baker, 28 Stevens Court, Greenfield, $180,000.

Timothy Thomas to Chad Simpson, 732 Sunset Lane, Fortville, $205,000.

Kristina Moore to Andrew and Morgan Boyle, 4256 W. Summerhaven Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $235,000.

Flynn Family Irrevocable Trust to Roy Theodore Brown V, 2751 S. Sunrise Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $250,000.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis II LLC to Carlos Gonzalez Pabon, 5502 Wood Spring Lane, McCordsville, $357,000.

Amy Baehl to Christopher John Connelly, 4468 W. Prairie Gap, New Palestine, $310,000.

JH Williams Run LLC to Brittaney Ann and Aaron Stryzinski, 1595 N. Blue Road, Greenfield, $69,900.

Joan McFarland to Christopher and Whitley Hanson, 3837 E. 600N., Center Township, $285,000.

Pyatt Builders LLC to Daniel and Deborah Lindsey, 1085 Brockton Court, Greenfield, $319,665.

Estate of Diane Pickering to Westward Homes LLC, 110 N. Noble St., Greenfield, $55,000.

Anastasia and Donovan Gamino to Joshua White, 425 E. Michigan St., Fortville, $217,000.

Lafayette Fischer to Tana Chinevere and Jonathan Ward, 1232 W. Limestone Way, Fortville, $360,000.

June 14

Michael and Stephanie Long to SFR Acquisitions 3 LLC, 1110 W. Fifth St., Greenfield, $188,000.

William Birch to Adrienne Bennett, 2698 W. Hillside Drive, Spring Lake, $152,000.

Richard and Fred Richwine to Whitney Jean and Andrew Mark Klein, 2848 W. Grove Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $110,000.

George Condo to Town of Wilkinson, 165 S. Main St., Wilkinson, $35,000.

Tracy and Jennifer Mitchell to Jorden Mitchell and Zachary Smith, 6629 W. Deer Hill Drive, McCordsville, $360,000.

M/I Homes of Indiana to Zhong Quin and Jinchai Lin, 6853 Hidden Meadow Pass, McCordsville, $460,000.

Arbor Homes to Lisa and Michael Pfenninger, 6594 W. Whispering Way, Buck Creek Township, $310,995.

Arbor Homes to Spenser Shae Riddle, 6524 W. Shoreline Court, Buck Creek Township, $361,006.

Rick Studer to Steven Andrew Studer, 6290 N. Main St., Brown Township, $160,000.

Genova M. Tolentino to FKH SFR PropCo K LP, 2711 Autumn Road, Cumberland – Buck Creek Township, $360,000.

Darrell and Son Hui Watkins to FKH SFR PropCo K LP, 5671 W. Woodview Trail, McCordsville, $410,000.

Aimee and Kyler Durham to FKH SFR PropCo KLP, 1364 W. Wyndstone Way, Fortville, $384,000.

Lamar and Shawn Fain to Corey Groepper, 5479 Woodbrush Way, McCordsville, $505,000.

Pulte Homes of Indiana LLC to Erica Viar and Daniel Sheroff, 6894 Oakcrest Drive, McCordsville, $388,920.

Christopher and Melissa Robbins to Mile High Borrower 1 LLC, 701 Gondola Run, Greenfield, $300,000.

Tosha Reed to SFRES Owner LLC, 2498 Apple Tree Lane, Cumberland – Buck Creek Township, $310,000.

Robert and Alissa Albertson to FKH SFR PropCo LP, 6496 Treeline Lane, McCordsville, $490,000.

Timothy and Dorothy Wyn to William David and Stacey Lynn Reed, 7114 W. Amelia Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $445,000.

Kimberly S. Swartz to Kenneth C. Holt, 516 Riley Ave., Greenfield, $110,000.

Offerpad LLC to Marcia Sego, 4490 W. Preserve Pass, New Palestine, $297,900.

Alexandra and Christopher Hinton to Ariel and Travis Clark, 6125 N. Cedarwood Drive, McCordsville, $327,000.

Halford McLaughlin to SFR Investments V Borrower 1 LLC, 1945 Declaration Drive, Greenfield, $261,000.

Arbor Homes to Sean Chalder Hoskins, 5776 Terracotta Trace, McCordsville, $382,746.