Real estate transactions


The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

March 14

James and Janie Rappe to Gregory and Patricia Weimer, 8711 N. Brookside Blvd., McCordsville, $328,000.

Tamera Michelle Petty to Bryan and Kathryn Plassmeier, 3623 Lakewood Drive, Center Township, $410,000.

Marcia Dishon to Andrea and Garrett Jasionowski, 763 Laurel Lane, Fortville, $90,000.

Christopher Butler to Morgan Dillon, 7333 E. 650N., Brown Township, $270,000.

Simple Quarters LLC to BR GPC JV LLC, 476 Bourneside Drive, Greenfield, $215,000.

Executive Property Investments LLC to SFR Investments V Borrower 1 LLC, 5978 N. Rockingham Lane, Buck Creek Township, $185,000.

Darin Landers and Mariah Lafary to BSFR II Owner I LLC, 7011 N. Abilene Way, McCordsville, $225,500.

Edward Hernandez and Rusty Key to Anthony and Chelsea Barrios, 12403 E. 21st St., Cumberland-Buck Creek Township, $325,000.

March 15

Tristan Ratcliffe to FKH SFR PropCo J LP, 3979 S. Harting Farms Drive, New Palestine, $355,000.

DR Horton – Indiana to Michael Hodge, 3333 S. Cordell Road, New Palestine, $305,000.

Brenda Baldauf Living Trust to Clifford and Julie Brown, 7772 E. Ind. 234, Brown Township, $150,000.

Photon Holdings LLC to Emerge Greenfield LLC, 420 W. Osage St., Center Township, $900,000.

Tammie Moran and Cindy Lucid to Sinisa Glumac and MacKenzie Holden, 4281 S. 600E., Blue River Township, $387,000.

Adam and Kelly Drotar to Ryan and Summer Grinstead, 1275 Morningside Drive, Greenfield, $595,000.

William A. Sego to Nicolas and Keila Hatfield, 2019 Postmaster Lane, Buck Creek Township, $269,900.

Roger and Kristina Branch to Jonathan and Leslie Keiser, 7399 W. Creekside Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $330,000.

Aaron Christopher and Emily Mae Fletcher to Philip Brian Palmer II, 410 Firemans Trail, Wilkinson, $308,977.

Kenneth Olson to Bruce and Vivien Haines, 935 N. 350W., Buck Creek Township, $378,000.

DR Horton – Indiana to Daniel and Rebecca Storey, 1607 Beyers St., Fortville, $393,799.

Shayla and Jacquelyn Pedigo to Logan Michael and Dominique Moore, 119 Baldwin St., Greenfield, $155,000.

Valerie Berry to Mark Rupert, 4651 S. 100W., Brandywine Township, $618,200.

JH Williams Run LLC to Jeffery and Mary Sue Rush, 1637 Linden Lane, Greenfield, $55,900.

Thomas and Tamara Templeton to Brian Smillie, 1401 S. Fox Den Blvd., Sugar Creek Township, $770,000.

Erin Robinett to Ryan and Catherine Swan, 412 Jefferson Blvd., Greenfield, $179,000.

Michael and DJ Littrell to Joseph Wasden, 6809 N. Lufkin Court, McCordsville, $280,000.

Rodney and Beth Jones to Avery Spurling, 10238 E. Ind. 234, Brown Township, $335,000.

Pyatt Builders LLC to Matthew Day, 1073 Brockton Court, Greenfield, $235,205.

Avery Spurling to Travis Galbraith, 4384 Morristown Pike Blue River Township, $299,999.

Arbor Homes to Anthony James Johnson, 4703 Terracotta Trace, McCordsville, $331,995.

Arbor Homes to Cassondra and Bradley Decker, 7079 Provincial Drive, McCordsville, $315,271.

Arbor Homes to Reginald Michael Williams, 1595 N. Creekwater Pass, Buck Creek Township, $323,669.

Arbor Homes to Landon and Jessica Hoover, 1769 N. Clearwater Drive, Buck Creek Township, $316,636.

Barbara and Clara Schrader to David Lee Jr., 3830 S. Redbird Trail, New Palestine, $350,000.