Off the shelves


The following items are available at the Hancock County Public Library, 900 W. McKenzie Road. Descriptions are provided by the publisher, unless otherwise noted. For more information on the library’s collection or to reserve a title, visit

Fiction: “The House Across the Lake” by Riley Sager

Casey Fletcher, a recently widowed actress trying to escape a streak of bad press, has retreated to her family’s lake house in Vermont. Armed with a pair of binoculars and several bottles of liquor, she passes the time watching Tom and Katherine Royce, the glamorous couple living in the house across the lake. Everything about the Royces seems perfect. Their marriage. Their house. The bucolic lake it sits beside. But when Katherine suddenly vanishes, Casey becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to her. In the process, she discovers the darker truths lurking just beneath the surface of the Royces’ picture-perfect marriage. Like Casey, you’ll think you know where this story is headed. Think again.

Nonfiction: “Leadership: Six Studies in World Strategy” by Henry Kissinger

“Kissinger analyses the lives of six…leaders through the distinctive strategies of statecraft, which he believes they embodied. After the Second World War, Konrad Adenauer brought defeated and morally bankrupt Germany back into the community of nations by what Kissinger calls ‘the strategy of humility.’ Charles de Gaulle set France beside the victorious Allies and renewed its historic grandeur by ‘the strategy of will.’ During the Cold War, Richard Nixon gave geostrategic advantage to the United States by ‘the strategy of equilibrium.’ After twenty-five years of conflict, Anwar Sadat brought a vision of peace to the Middle East by a ‘strategy of transcendence.’ Against the odds, Lee Kuan Yew created a powerhouse city-state, Singapore, by ‘the strategy of excellence.’ And, though Britain was known as ‘the sick man of Europe’ when Margaret Thatcher came to power, she renewed her country’s morale and international position by ‘the strategy of conviction.’” — Dust jacket flap.

Youth: “Love Rules: A Family’s True Story of Adoption and Unconditional Love” by Andrea Melvin, Dave Eaton, and Michael Clark Jr.

Based on actual events, this heartwarming story of adoption and love follows a little boy named Michael, who, after coming to live with Andrea and David, gets a surprise bigger than he could have ever dreamed.