Bond lowered; man charged with multiple rapes released


Adam Kincaid, who is facing a rape charge in Marion County, was released from jail there Monday after a judge lowered his bond. Kincaid is facing two other rape charges in Hancock County where his trial was pushed back to late June.

HANCOCK COUNTY — A Marion County judge lowered a $120,000 surety bond to $50,000 Monday morning. The decision cleared the way for a man charged with three counts of rape in two Indiana counties to walk out of jail after a $5,000 cash bond was posted.

Adam Kincaid, 24, Indianapolis, was officially released from the Marion County Jail Monday following a bond reduction hearing in Marion County Superior Court 31 overseen by Judge Grant W. Hawkins.

Kincaid, a former New Palestine High School student, is facing a rape charge in Marion County from an incident in 2021. He’s also facing two rape charges in Hancock County from an incident in 2018.

His local trial has been pushed back until late June while a trial date in Marion County has yet to be set.

Kincaid was transferred from the Hancock County Jail in late April where he had been held for several months following his arrest in August, 2021. He was ordered to be released locally due to multiple delays in his rape trial here while the court made adjustments for a judge who has been on leave.

In order to secure his release locally, in April Kincaid paid a bond for a probation violation charge that was also pending in Hancock County. However, instead of being released, he was immediately taken to Marion County where he had a warrant out for his arrest on the rape charge there since October, 2021.

Kincaid is facing two Level 3 felony rape charges and two Level 6 felony sexual battery charges in the Hancock County case from an alleged incident in June, 2018 which was set for a jury trial this week, but was again pushed back. This time, the delay moved the case to Tuesday, June 28 due to witness unavailability, according to court documents.

“This motion is not being made for the purposes of delay but rather to ensure proper representation in this matter,” court documents stated.

In Marion County, Kincaid is facing a completely different Level 3 felony charge of rape and a Level 5 felony charge of confinement from an alleged rape in March, 2021.

Kincaid was in a Marion County court Monday morning asking for the bail reduction. He’s been in that jail since the transfer from the Hancock County Jail in late April.

According to court documents, the judge in Marion County, Hawkins, despite a “strong” objection from the state due to the charges in Hancock County, lowered Kincaid’s surety bond. Kincaid was informed if he could meet the new bond demands he would be allowed to be part of a pretrial release program offered through Marion County home detention. The program requires Kincaid to wear a GPS monitoring device that would allow Kincaid to leave home in order to work, court records state.

A surety bond was entered into the clerk’s office Monday, and Kincaid was allowed to leave the Marion County Jail shortly after. He’s scheduled to be in Marion County Superior Court 31 for a pretrial conference Tuesday, June 14. Kincaid has a final pretrial conference set for 10 a.m. Thursday, June 16 in Hancock County Superior Court 1.