Real Estate Transactions


The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Dec. 30

Arbor Homes to Tanya Renee Collins, 7134 English Oak Drive, McCordsville, $317,163.

Ronald and Connie Bailey to Michael and Andrea Akers, 5133 W. Ind. 234, Vernon Township, $499,900.

Steven and Laura Moore to Jeffery and Lynnette Bell, 1392 W. U.S. 52, Brandywine Township, $480,000.

Lennar Homes of Indiana to Parshad Bhagat and Hiral Ashwin, 2405 S. Stonehill Way, New Palestine, $427,360.

Pyatt Builders to Nicholas and Kayla Pritt, 1156 Brockton Court, Greenfield, $319,990.

Arbor Homes to Sandra Tyree Pierce and Gerry Duncan, 7092 English Oak Drive, McCordsville, $280,486.

Ryan Homes to Glen and Regina Jones, 7139 W. Stone Pass, Sugar Creek Township, $515,005.

S&A Kingdom Building to MAC Holdings LLC, 770 E. Broadway St., Fortville, $750,000.

Benjamin Zirkle to Jesse and Anna Jopson, 711 W. Boyd Ave., Greenfield, $170,000.

Heist Investments to Better rentals, 1120-1122 W. North St., Greenfield, $105,000.

Christopher and Heather Klawitter to Eghosa Ekhator, 6924 W. Denton Drive, McCordsville, $270,000.

Mark Lesinski to Mark and Lisbeth Savage, 9110 N. Driftwood Court, McCordsville, $282,000.

Jonathan and Alexandra Nixon to Rosalie and Bernard Upcroft, 5723 W. Mooring Drive, McCordsville, $382,500.

Penny Brawner to Meredith Salazar, 443-445 E. Michigan St., Fortville, $40,000.

Tonya Johnson and Anthony Sargent to R-N-B & Associates, 5680 W. Glenview Drive, McCordsville, $222,000.

Jason Kyle Woodburn to Resicap Indiana Owner LLC, 1970 Winfield Park Drive, $195,000.

Perry Wilson to Ryan and Ashley Young, 912 Meadow Lane, Greenfield, $113,000.

Florence Treadway to Billy Wills, 1341 Magnolia Drive, Greenfield, $25,000.

Danny and Stacie Wheeler to Kristin Wadley and Derrick Johnson, 700 W. 1050 N. Vernon Township, $256,000.

Lake Prop 1 LLC to Anastasia and Donovan Gamino, 425 E. Michigan St., Fortville, $52,000.

Invictus Method LLC to Mark Jensen, 113 Pratt St., Greenfield, $80,000.

Gregory Wheeler to Pamela and James Buck, 907 N. Michigan St., Greenfield, $172,500.

Rosalie Steele to Yvens Jean Baptiste, 313 Roosevelt Drive, Greenfield, $190,000.

Lennar Homes of Indiana to Sukhjinder Singh, 2400 S. Stonehill Way, New Palestine, $412,275.

Lennar Homes of Indiana to FKH SFR Propco I, 2285 S. Bingham Place, New Palestine, $331,400.

Lennar Homes of Indiana to RM1SFR PropCo B LP, 2294 S. Bingham Place, New Palestine, $296,000.

Elite Land Development to Ryan Homes, 2209 S. Noelting Way, Sugar Creek Township, $64,000.

Dec. 31

Christina Willis to James and Michele Oger, 1316 W. Wyndstone Way, Fortville, $322,000.

William Buntain Revocable Trust to Donna Keith, 4725 W. Harrisburg Court, Sugar Creek Township, $250,000.

Caitlin Chappell to Brian Keilly, 537 N. Wyndstone Way, Fortville, $255,000.

Susan Jo Jones and David Steven Henderson to Vanessa Slinker, 116 Douglas St., Greenfield, $131,000.

Lennar Homes of Indiana to Michael Scott and Sandra Fleming, 2456 S. Stonehill Way, New Palestine, $403,575.

Thomas and Judith Rudolph Trust to Carolyn Boring, 4821 W. Harrisburg Court, Sugar Creek Township, $330,000.

Stone Ridge Development to Robert Douglas and Constance Aiken, 2346 W. Haines Pass, Buck Creek Township, $79,000.

Thomas and Monica Dirbas to FKH SFR PropCo I LP, 1077 Forest Glen Drive, Greenfield, $358,000.

James Girt to Seventy Connect III Partners LLC, 7366 W. 350N., Buck Creek Township, $567,582.

Northeast Indianapolis Development LLC to William Khazaal, 7080 Hart St., Cumberland – Sugar Creek Township, $374,722.

Northeast Indianapolis Development LLC to Patricia Hoskins, 191 Megan Way, Cumberland – Sugar Creek Township, $263,231.

Arbor Homes to Indra Montenegro De Velazquez, 1539 N. Creekwater Pass, Buck Creek Township, $270,980.

Ryan and Bridget Horan to Mag7 Real Estate LLC, 65 N. Coventry Court, New Palestine, $138,000.

Kimberly Engleking to Jordan Bunch, 6491 W. Philadelphia Drive, Buck Creek Township, $240,000.

Jonathan and Sara Akles to Brona O’Brien, 6337 N. Main St., Brown Township, $180,000.