Miniature masterpieces: Owner of gaming store paints, teaches on tiny figures


Frances Hull of Hometown Comics and Games has been painting miniature figures for 10 years, but more so recently. She also teaches a monthly class on painting.

Editor’s note: The Daily Reporter will feature our “Neighbors” each month, whether it be someone with an interesting hobby or profession, or a nonprofit group making a difference in our community. Here, Frances Hull, manager and co-owner of Hometown Comics & Games in Greenfield, tells us about hand-painting tiny mythical creatures for games and role playing sessions. Hull teaches painting at her store the third Wednesday of each month, and gaming sessions are held regularly. For a schedule or to learn more, visit If you know a person or a group that you’d like to see featured in Neighbors, email [email protected].

Daily Reporter: How did you get started in painting figures?

Frances Hull: I needed to understand the products we sell, so I tried it out.

DR: How many years have you been painting?

FH: More in the last couple of years, but I painted my first figure about 10 years ago.

DR: How long does it take to complete one?

FH: Depends on the size and detail of the figure. Usually, it takes about two hours for a detailed figure.

DR: Why do you enjoy it?

FH: I love being able to take what I envision in my head and bring it to life.

DR: What kind of pieces do you paint?

FH: I use the miniatures that we sell in the shop. I also paint custom pieces that some customers bring to me and commission me to paint.

DR: Are they used for anything after they are complete?

FH: Most are used during role playing sessions, such as “Dungeons and Dragons.”

DR: What has been your favorite piece, and why?

FH: I think one of my favorites was the large archangel that I was commissioned to paint. He is such a beautiful piece and required use of just about all the techniques that I teach monthly here at the shop.

DR: Do you have a collection of these yourself?

FH: There are a couple of pieces that we keep as shop pieces (a red dragon and a giant snake). There are terrain pieces here that I have done that are used for miniature wargaming. I have also painted some figures that are in a game that is in our library of games that can be played.