Real Estate Transactions


The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Sept. 2

Mark and Karen Good to Indy Sweet Home LLC, 920 W. North St., Greenfield, $110,000.

Sean and Shana Cappel to Kevin Grant Sheets and Lisa Marie Smith, 9878 N. Mallard Ct., McCordsville, $350,000.

Brian Mershon to Jared Investments LLC, 416-418 E. Main St., Greenfield, $115,700.

Joyce Ann Orick to William Dale and Jaime Lee Wolski, 1171 S. Daisy Lane, Sugar Creek Township, $210,000.

John and Sarah Randall to Douglas Allen Brown Jr. and Kathryn Ryland, 9178 N. Waterfront Way, McCordsville, $428,000.

Jeremy and Alicia Breedlove to Audrey and Elias Pecina Jr., 226 E. Michigan St., Fortville, $160,000.

Scott Wells to David and Hannah Lopez, 4421 W. Lookout Pass, Sugar Creek Township, $570,000.

Jason and Angela Allford to Kyle and Shelby Adams, 7806 N. 775E, Brown Township, $323,000.

Fisher Homes Indianapolis LLC to Annarose Ayala and Jose Mendoza, 1084 Pond View Drive, Greenfield, $416,000.

Kristie Phillips and Anthony Myers to SFR JV-2 Property LLC, 214 Longleaf Lane, Greenfield, $243,000.

Michele and Kresten Hansen III to Michael Spangler, 1284 E. 400N, Center Township, $212,000.

Sept. 3

Susan Deem to David and Rebecca Baker, 1384 Penny Lane, Greenfield, $680,000.

Jeffrey and Anna Grizzell to James and Shannon Hancock, 1056 Summerwood Blvd., Greenfield, $330,000.

Bricks LLC to Brian Dean and Debra Kay Vanalst, 111 W. Hickory Drive, Center Township, $225,000.

Michael and Suzanne Gummere to Crosby and Aliese Foland, 595 Pebble Drive, Fortville, $265,000.

WMT and Carol Reddish to Nolan and Katie Hall, 6 Riverview Court, Greenfield, $220,000.

Robert Brett and Elaine Joint Walker to George Rowley, 8805 N. Spingview Drive, McCordsville, $385,000.

James T. Reed to Donald and Brianna Brechbuhl, 7142 W. Mayer Drive, Cumberland-Buck Creek Township, $325,000.

Dylan Routler to Kelly Baldwin, 205 N. Main St., Jackson Township, $103,000.

James Minchin to Crowne Property Acquisitions LLC, 119 Granby Drive, Cumberland-Sugar Creek Township, $175,000.

James and Shannon Hancock to Amanda Taylor, 3018 N. 1050E, Jackson Township, $400,000.

Heather Wolfe to Russell Hoover, 2482 E. Hickory Blvd., Center Township, $299,900.

Helen Allen to Aaron Michael and Gema Paz Stacy, 2210 Osman Lane, Buck Creek Township, $250,000.

Lennar Homes of Indiana to Maxwell Anthony and Sara Jan Kitten, 2433 S. Stonehill Way, New Palestine, $386,080.

Ryan Rennier and Courtney Vollmer to Brandon Michael Rennier, 6951 W. Maiellen Court, Buck Creek Township, $240,000.

Nolan Hall and Katie McKeeman to Rene Ruiz and Kaitlyn Ostenson, 108 Plaza Drive, Greenfield, $185,000.

Charles Oeder to Mary Ball Irrevocable Trust, 2357 Silver Spur Drive, Greenfield, $211,500.

Elite Land Development to Ryan Homes, 7262 W. Stone Pass, Sugar Creek Township, $64,000.

Justin Allen and Leslie Miller to Joseph and Jennifer Ann Perkinson, 1694 Whisler Drive, Greenfield, $310,000.

Sept. 7

Leslie Shannon Williams to Erin Weah, 5560 Pelican Court, McCordsville, $405,000.

Zachary and Rachael Nelson to Francisco Perez, 2995 W. 100N, Buck Creek Township, $275,000.

Jill Bennett and David Sidebottom to Albert Dean, 1681 Copeland Farms Drive, Greenfield, $200,000.

Charlyn Sue Nigh to Jon E. Smith Revocable Trust, 204 N. Main St., Center Township, $150,000.

D.R. Horton-Indiana to Michael and Deborah Kirk, 866 Sonoma Lane, Greenfield, $323,805.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis to Nicole Davis, 1427 Gateway Lane, Greenfield, $395,000.

D.R. Horton-Indiana to Brett Joseph Gau, 851 Sonoma Lane, Greenfield, $294,070.

Fisher Homes Indianapolis to Nicole Davis, 1427 Gateway Lane, Greenfield, $395,000.

MCB 108 LLC to The Hurley Group LLC, 4202 N. EMS Blvd., Buck Creek Township, $3,385,000.

Scott and Jennifer Huczko to Shawn Cooke, 620 Fern St., Greenfield, $165,000.

D.R. Horton-Indiana to Devlin and Brittany Thompson, 6913 Nottingham Lane, McCordsville, $290,346.

Kyle and Kelli Smythe to Emily and Dennis Brumfield, 8701 N. Deer Crossing Blvd., McCordsville, $296,300.

Shane Heim to Thomas and Paulette Flench, 771 Bobtail Drive, Greenfield, $241,000.

D.R. Horton-Indiana to Latoya and Rodney Williams, 3278 S. Cordell Road, New Palestine, $306,270.

Brian Chambers to Kyle and Rachel Gill, 7761 W. Shadow Creek Way, Buck Creek Township, $350,000.

Jared Bailey to MCH SFR Property Owner 1 LLC, 5602 N. Jefferson Drive, Buck Creek Township, $294,000.

Suzanne Stiko to Saundra Allen, 3257 S. Leonard Road, Sugar Creek Township, $190,000.

Sept. 8

Nicholas Burton to Curt and Toni Powers, 1003 S. Shady Creek Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $280,000.

D.R. Horton-Indiana to Baine and Chelsey Farmer, 4686 W. Tradwell Drive, New Palestine, $329,506.

Christopher Lambert and Ginger Grant to Yamasa Co. Ltd., 413 Founders Drive, Greenfield, $291,000.

Carrie Henson and Colleen Cox to Progress Indianapolis LLC, 152 Heartwood Hill, Greenfield, $225,000.

Manuel Irrevocable trust to Kimberly and Teresa Davis, 1422 S. Broken Arrow Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $302,000.

Jeannette Van Winkle to BFD Real Estate Services, 528 Grove St., Greenfield, $69,900.

Rene Williams to Yamasa Co. Ltd., 935 N. Mill Run Blvd., Greenfield, $191,000.

Melesha and David Phillips to FSRE Holdings LLC, 6881 W. Stansbury Blvd., Buck Creek Township, $228,000.

Luise Kirchner to Mary and Thomas Trinosky Sr., 7171 W. Timber Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $235,000.

Brooke Austin and James Banta, 4557 W. Woodtrail Court, Sugar Creek Township, $280,000.

Koro Development LLC to Thomas and Jiahui Lin Hanson, 846 W. North St., Greenfield, $100,000.

Brian Edward and Alaina Christine Rejer to Joshua Ganger, 8815 N. Farm Meadow Drive, McCordsville, $275,000.

Edith Gardner to Stephen and Deborah Gillaspy, 7153 W. Amelia Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $360,000.

Edward Bandy to Catalina Realties LLC, 165 Rambling Road, Greenfield, $150,000.

Sept. 9

Robert Goodner to Shawn and Jennifer Tomkins, 9364 N. Bayland Drive, McCordsville, $415,000.

Lennar Homes of Indiana to Eric Steven and Nicole Danielle Screeton, 4739 W. Safford Drive, New Palestine, $344,485.

Judith Cashe to PKE Holdings LLC, 5861 W. U.S. 52, New Palestine, $140,000.

Alfredo Melendez to Progress Indianapolis LLC, 6945 N. Laredo Drive, McCordsville, $270,000.

SFR3-020 LLC to Parsons Design Commercial, 694 N. Wood St., Greenfield, $50,000.

Wesley Montalvo to Derek and Kristin Marie Young, 5652 W. Glenview Drive, McCordsville, $325,000.

David and Heather White to Lemax Investments, 317 Grant St., Greenfield, $95,000.

Sept. 10

Winding Oaks LLC to Francis and Ashley Laux, 2077 S. Winding Oaks Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $140,000.

Irene, James and Matthew Franklin to Andrew and Lacy Emmel, 1113 S. Heron Court, Sugar Creek Township, $325,000.

Kristopher Anthis to FKH SFR PropCo, 6455 W. Whispering Way N., Buck Creek Township, $245,000.

Clayton Properties Group to Steven Louis Blacknell, 403 Paymaster Drive, Greenfield, $235,504.

Clayton Properties Group to Mark Blunt, 609 Bobtail Drive, Greenfield, $230,675.