Real Estate Transactions


The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Aug. 23

Karen Large to Gunnar Large, 5087 W. Stonehaven Lane, New Palestine, $280,000.

D.R. Horton Indiana to Gary and Diana Shenefield, 837 Sonoma Lane, Greenfield, $295,020.

Matthew and Dawn Ballantine to Emily Suscha-Wilson and Kristian Wilson, 9794 N. Anchor Bend, McCordsville, $427,050.

Daniel and Deborah Craig Revocable Trust to Christopher Hutson, 2 Cameron Lane, Center Township, $389,900.

Bowen Family Trust to Matthew and Pamela Parsons, 5651 N. Red Oak Drive, Center Township, $398,000.

Leo Reed to Daniel and Deborah Craig Revocable Trust, 1731 Fairfield Circle, Greenfield, $235,000.

Chad and Matthew Pendlum to Jennifer Kaiser, 217 Grant St., Greenfield, $152,000.

Michael Hurst to Jerrie Bellish Revocable Trust, 421 Wood St., Greenfield, $190,000.

Phyllis and Randall Paul to Karen Large, 3668 S. Cedar Cove Court, New Palestine, $232,000.

Nicholas and Lauren McColley to Janice Reckley, 2243 W. Haines Pass, Buck Creek Township, $705,000.

Friends Apartments LLC to Robert and Ruth Wolak, 2752 W. Lake Drive, Spring Lake, $122,000.

Joseph A. Corbett II and Erika Khanna to Teresa Luttrell-Cook, 818 Center St., Greenfield, $230,000.

Mitchell McDaniel to SFR JV-2 Property LLC, 6077 W. Jamison Drive, McCordsville, $270,000.

Charles Jacobs Jr. to Joshua and Carly Nevins, 6318 W. 750N, McCordsville, $55,000.

John Burney and Emilie Jennings to Martha Kugelberg, 6160 W. Jamison Drive, McCordsville, $343,000.

Leonard and Darlene Glenn to Allison Williams and Bradley Spiker, 1481 S. Fox Cove Blvd., Sugar Creek Township, $538,500.

John Michael and Elizabeth Harris to Benjamin Badie, 1173 Cobblefield Way, Cumberland-Buck Creek Township, $565,000.

Andrew and Rebecca Flink to Donald and Debra Dwenger, 1923 Murdoch Drive, Greenfield, $299,500.

Aug. 24

Kimberly Michele Diller to FKH SFR PropCo, 927 S. Summerhaven Court, Sugar Creek Township, $306,000.

Vickie Schmidt and Erin Marie Turner to Andrew and Rebecca Flink, 2102 N. Hickory Blvd., Center Township, $430,000.

Samuel and Kathryn McDaniel to Mitchell and Meredith McDaniel, 515 N. 1050E, Jackson Township, $150,000.

Rachael Peters to Joyce Collins, 3285 S. 500W Sugar Creek Township, $220,000.

Kristen K. Love to Jason Burris, 7440 W. White Oak Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $405,000.

D.R. Horton Indiana to Daniel John Mackie, 814 Sonoma Lane, Greenfield, $280,000.

Erving and Nereida Williams to Timika and Aaron Shedwick, 9185 N. Waterfront Way, McCordsville, $320,000.

D.R. Horton Indiana to Charity Lynn Mahurin, 3180 S. Hume Road, New Palestine, $352,406.

Aug. 25

William Weldon to Chad Simon and Jennifer High, 7478 N. Troy Road, Green Township, $725,000.

Ashleigh Colley and Juan Antonio Deutsch Noriega, 12323 E. Harvest Glen Drive, Cumberland-Buck Creek Township, $231,500.

Dennis and Glorence Anne Jenson to Ronald and Helen Meyer, 5860 W. Port Drive, McCordsville, $255,746.

Jennifer and Jesse Hettenbach to Margot and Safia El-Zein Cruz, 5528 N. Woodside Court, McCordsville, $320,999.

Terry and Annetta Hall to Ronald and Lynda Shetterly, 303 Oak Blvd., Cumberland-Buck Creek Township, $304,550.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis to Edward and Sierra Mellis Guienze, 5489 W. Woodhaven Drive, McCordsville, $303,207.

Cassidy and Erik Oprisu to SFR JV – 2 Property, 220 Longleaf Lane, $215,000.

Alycia and Megan Purdy to Gonzalo David Lanza Medina, 6579 W. Charleston Way, Buck Creek Township, $250,000.

Steven and Marilyn Chandler to Courtney and Thomas Pemberton Chandler, 765 W. Buck Creek Road, Cumberland, $273,125.

Janis Starks to Lynn and Edward Erdmann, 1267 Arlington Drive, Greenfield, $215,000.

McKenzie Terrace Partners to Pyatt Builders, 1106 Brockton Court, Greenfield, $49,000.

McKenzie Terrace Partners to Pyatt Builders, 1028 Brockton Court, Greenfield, $49,000.

Dale and Becky Darrah to Gregory and Michele Brockhaus, 3832 S. Cedar Creek Way, New Palestine, $305,000.

Daniel and Catherine Roberts to Kenneth and Gladys Davis, 725 Meadow Lane, Greenfield, $167,200.

Lonnie and Cheyanne Burkhart to Alexander Filson and Ashley Prior, 137 Tinker Trail, Greenfield, $230,000.

Christopher and Patricia Tansy to RAMS LLC, 2237 W. 100N, Buck Creek Township, $102,500.

Aug. 26

Matthew and Jennifer Taylor to Jacob Jewell, 4110 S. 500W, New Palestine, $335,500.

Kyle and MacCayla Akers to Scott Michael and Danette Cagnet, 5519 W. Woodstock Trail, McCordsville, $360,000.

Time Capsule Properties LLC to SFR JV-2 Property LLC, 585 Streamside Drive, Greenfield, $230,000.

Michael A. Messier to Brett and Kelsey Reinhardt Gutwein, 6775 W. Stansbury Blvd., Buck Creek Township, $240,000.

Angel Alejandro Delgadillo and Gloria Elena Diaz to Emmanuel Rosano Martin, 5817 W. Falling Waters Drive, McCordsville, $298,000.

Brett T. Gutting to Zach and Sarah Bryant, 6116 W. Jamison Drive, McCordsville, $340,000.

Michael and Brooke Reed to Brent Alan Welch and Kara Smith, 903 Webb Drive, Greenfield, $285,000.

David Donovan and Virginia Joint to Brian and Kyleigh Gerlach, 4125 S. Carrie Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $370,000.

Matthew James Reed to Jacob and Molly Leighty, 1214 Sherwood Drive, Greenfield, $263,000.

D.R. Horton-Indiana to LaWayne and Victoria Campbell, 1862 Crossley St., Fortville, $355,362.

Justin Sturm to Jason and Christin Kettler Carey, 6945 W. Cedarwood Circle, McCordsville, $351,500.

Kenneth and Catherine VanAuken to Timothy and Cindy Lavender, 1248 N. Blue Spruce Court, Buck Creek Township, $439,000.

D.R. Horton-Indiana to the estate of Blaine Travar Harris, 1838 Crossley St., Fortville, $370,504.