Real estate — October 5


The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Aug. 11

Scott and Caryn Anderson to James and Christin Robinson, 2647 E. 625N., Green Township, $435,000.

Kimberly and Benjamin Kiphart to Drake and Chloe Dell, 312 E. Park St., Fortville, $235,000.

Vason and Margaret Rujiraviriyapinyo to Frank Malone, 6843 N. Denton Court, McCordsville, $265,000.

Patrick and Debra Rosenberger to Jason Satterthwaite, 6519 W. 100S., Sugar Creek Township, $298,814.

Patricia Padilla to William and Stephanie Lee, 2181 W. Liberty Lane, Greenfield, $295,000.

Dallas and Kristin Leatherman to Cynthia and Toby Ross, 2428 W. 200N., Buck Creek Township, $380,000.

William and Elizabeth Amos to Brittany Housel, 1333 Greenhills Road, Greenfield, $267,000.

Pulte Homes of Indiana to David and Gabrielle Benson, 8794 Oakcrest Drive, McCordsville, $432,825.

Aug. 12

Jack Ratliff to 15180 West Broadway Properties, 218-220 W. Broadway St., Fortville, $340,000.

Jack Ratliff to 15180 West Broadway Properties, 228-230 W. Broadway St., Fortville, $340,000.

Jack Ratliff to 15180 West Broadway Properties, 222 W. Broadway St., Fortville, $340,000.

Elizabeth A. Haggard Revocable Trust to Thomas Barfield, 309 Independence Road, Greenfield, $210,000.

Thomas and Rebecca Barber to Timothy and Megan Mahns, 6322 W. Stinemyer Road, Sugar Creek Township, $265,000.

Mark and Darcy Rund to Jesse David and Ava Maria Walker, 6101 W. Broken Arrow Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $350,000.

Premier Consolidated Services LLC to Patrick and Toni Kelly, 735 N. Swope St., Greenfield, $169,500.

Stephen Dean Evanoff to Ryan Rosenau, 709 School St., Greenfield, $169,200.

Mary Elise Erikson Barrett to Gabriel Lawless, 37 Meadow Drive, New Palestine, $175,000.

John and Maryann Pachmayer to Randall James and Phyllis Paul, 683 Melrose Court, Greenfield, $285,000.

Angela and Robert Salazar to Deidra Gastenveld, 6576 W. Winding Bend, McCordsville, $325,000.

Marjorie Anderson to Walter Harris and Cynthia Lee Hiott, 1158 Extraordinary Trail, Greenfield, $334,500.

Kristen R. Knizel to Amber and Shadman Shamsaie, 8765 N. Aspen Way, McCordsville, $348,000.

Aug. 13

DR Horton – Indiana to Clint Edward and Katelin French, 6851 Birmingham Ave., McCordsville, $320,100.

Jeffrey and Abby Russell to Thomas John and Hannah Sinks, 2402 S. Wildflower Lane, Sugar Creek Township, $280,000.

Joshua S. Morgan to Amanda and Amber Rouse, 2054 Modesto Court, Greenfield, $285,000.

DR Horton – Indiana to Matt and Andrea Mahon, 1941 Fairmount Drive, Greenfield, $286,495.

Aarika Jo Barrett to Sonda Burton, 398 Gondola Run, Greenfield, $217,000.

HT & P Trust to Matthew Foster and Spencer Wood, 207 W. Ohio St., Fortville, $230,000.

Steve and Kimberly Willoughby Archer to Russell Joseph and Ruth Williams 4395 W. Lookout Blvd., Sugar Creek Township, $550,000.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis to Isaiah Williams and Melina Gonzales, 8347 Treeline Lane, McCordsville, $442,857.

Clayton Properties Group to Walter and Cherrie Phillips, 461 Thunderwood Drive, Greenfield, $217,990.

Aug. 16

David Building Group to Shea Frazier, 1396 Lexington Trail, Greenfield, $252,090.

James and Vicki Fair to Alyssa Wildey, 3503 E. 900N., Green Township, $165,000.

David Rogers Jr. to Logan and Kaitlyn Sorrell, 1738 Roosevelt Drive, Greenfield, $180,000.

Marion and Deanna Hammond to John Marshall and Samantha Downton, 725 W. Weber Road, Brandywine Township, $190,000.

Colin and Rachael White to Colin and Gina Lacobucci Landberg, 595 N. Wyndstone Way, Fortville, $281,000.

Linda and Thomas Knotts to Christopher Caleb and Jillian Singleton, 2175 S. Oakwood Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $378,000.

Grise Home and Property Group to Bricks LLC, 729 Hopkins Road, Cumberland – Sugar Creek Township, $165,000.

Damon and Amy Meyer Collins to FKH SFR PropCo, 4726 W. Stonehaven Lane, New Palestine, $282,000.

Lennar Homes of Indiana to Peyton Thomas Chester, 4893 W. Safford Drive, New Palestine, $286,285.

Timothy William Mahns to Yamasa Co. Ltd., 1390 Jasmine Drive, Greenfield, $276,000.

DR Horton – Indiana to Leroy and Kathryn Sebesta, 894 Sonoma Lane, Greenfield, $276,215.