Real Estate Transfers


The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Aug. 4

David and Jennifer Nemet to Nicole Porumb, 7758 W. Shadow Creek Way, Buck Creek Township, $330,000.

Robert Deemer to Darla Herald and Brian Lee Danielson, 7320 W. Sacramento Drive, Buck Creek Township, $275,000.

Andrew G. Phillips to David and Charleen Turpin, 2104 Anita Lane, Buck Creek Township, $250,000.

Shane Anderson to Robert and Naomi Slack, 1695 E. 1000N, Green Township, $180,000.

John Paul and Sarah Jewell to Kathleen Koslowski, 6682 W. Sweet Creek Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $266,930.

KORO Developments LLC to 8044 Harbor Walk LLC, 420 Indiana St., Greenfield, $145,000.

JH Ridges LLC to Brian and Lisa Johnson, 308 Edwards Cove, Greenfield, $38,900.

Anthony Yarbrough and Chelsie Clark to Alexander and Bailey Barnes, 5649 W. Woodhammer Trail, McCordsville, $272,500.

Aug. 5

Terran and Sally Molden to Austin Michael and Reagan Clutinger, 10679 E. 700N, Brown Township, $325,000.

Mikel Hatcher to SFR JV-1 Property LLC, 5753 N. Jamestown Drive, Buck Creek Township, $235,000.

Joyner Homes LLC to Rick and Susan Kennedy, 1032 Forest Glen Drive, Greenfield, $405,384.

Adam Marshall and John William Marshall to Bradley and Pam Trapp, 728 Holliday Drive, Fortville, $135,000.

Lewis and Kristine Whitson to Eric Andrew and Patricia Rose Statler, 12410 Huntington Drive, Cumberland-Buck creek Township, $360,500.

Richard T. and Loie B. Ippolito to Norma Jean and Charles Otis Fleshman, 933 Paige Court, Greenfield, $210,000.

Norman Hammons to Jeremy and Kathryn Schwartz, 3510 S. 450W, Sugar Creek Township, $188,000.

D.R. Horton-Indiana to Whitney and Andrew Phillips, 4585 W. Tradwell Drive, New Palestine, $372,733.

Halfway Serious Solo 401K to Ricky and Patricia Sweet, 122 N. Spring St., Greenfield, $58,000.

Emma K. Barkwill to Eddie D. Bernard II, 310 N. Hendricks St., Greenfield, $120,000.

Kregg and Alice Boreani to Leon and Brandi Draper, 5594 W. Compass Pointe, McCordsville, $390,000.

Aug. 6

Meadows at Springhurst Partners to Fischer Homes Indianapolis, 1476 Sterling Circle, Greenfield, $58,000.

Meadows at Springhurst Partners LLC to Fischer Homes Indianapolis, 912 Van Buren St., Greenfield, $58,000.

James and Brenda Hood to Better Rentals LLC, 624 and 628 Kara Court, Greenfield, $125,000.

Jerry and Pamela Troxel to Zachary and Morgan Marcum, 129 Yorkshire Blvd., Cumberland-Sugar Creek Township, $365,000.

Elite Land Development Inc. to NVR Inc. doing business as Ryan Homes, 2040 S. Noelting Way, Sugar Creek Township, $64,000.

Keith and Barbara Harris to Robert and Shelby Simmons, 1373 N. 700W, Buck Creek Township, $255,000.

Justin Barnhart to Neil and Adrien Cartwright, 243 N. Main St., Fortville, $100,000.

John and Crystal Carroll to Joseph Alan and Dawn Michelle Perucca, 5709 N. Rockingham Lane, Buck Creek Township, $265,000.

Lennar Homes of Indiana to Shawn and Codi Jean Todd, 4832 W. Safford Drive, New Palestine, $313,780.

CalAtlantic Homes of Indiana to Jonathan M. and Melissa K. Scott, 5429 Cimmaron Ave., McCordsville, $405,690.

Nathaniel Murray to Olympus Borrower LLC, 1906 Murdoch Drive, Greenfield, $247,000.

Hannah Joell Myers to SFR JV-2 Property, 773 Fern St., Greenfield, $175,000.

Aug. 9

Robert B. and Sharon Carrell to Matthew and Michelle Dunahee, 1917 Huntington Court, Cumberland-Buck Creek Township, $400,000.

Kevin and Karen Kinder to Robert and Sharon Carrell, 1814 Lakeside Lane, Cumberland-Buck Creek Township, $535,000.

Steven and Kayla Anderson to Jared Decker, 1216 E. McClarnon Drive, Greenfield, $259,000.

Randall and Rebekah Sparks to Matthew and Jennifer Taylor, 7379 W. 200S, Sugar Creek Township, $755,000.

Steven and Tamra McConnell to Krisondra Ann Hensley, 7221 W. Sacramento Drive, Buck Creek Township, $285,500.

Johanna A. Warner to SFR JV-2 Acquisition LLC, 559 Reed Court, Greenfield, $180,000.

Mitchell and Caitlin Guinn to Dustin and Danielle Pruitt, 5286 W. U.S. 40, Sugar Creek Township, $273,000.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis to Akerson Saint-Hillaire and Myriam Arthur, 668 Van Buren St., Greenfield, $283,000.

William Ercell and Mary Ann Harless to Rodney and Tamara Gabriel, 5046 Covington Ave., McCordsville, $375,000.

SE Housing LLC to Paige and Rose Properties LLC, 8779 N. Vernon Lane, Vernon Township, $120,000.

Douglas and Phyllis Applegate to SFR JV-2 Property LLC, 453 Woodstream drive, Greenfield, $220,000.

D.R. Horton-Indiana to Amanda Rae and Matthew Lawson, 3200 S. Cordell Road, New Palestine, $338,191.

Aug. 10

Richard L. Bullard to Pamela Luke, 2535 S. 200W, Brandywine Township, $160,000.

D.R. Horton-Indiana to Frank Edward and Margaret Dollison, 2142 Downey Court, Greenfield, $225,900.

Ruth Reeves to Eric and Courtney Jean McCready, 4254 N. 200W, Buck Creek Township, $210,000.

Donna Zapf to Duane and Laura Daniels, 221 White Oak Drive, Greenfield, $191,000.

Richard Bullard to Pamela Luke, 2535 S. 200W, Brandywine Township, $160,000.

Abigail Radovanovich to SFR JV-2 Property LLC, 454 Bourneside Drive, Greenfield, $190,000.

Pyatt Builders LLC to Douglas and Cassandra Cermak, 1015 Brockton Court, Greenfield, $279,510.

Brad and Constance Weber to John and Susan Kane, 5344 N. 400W, Buck Creek Township, $515,500.

Clayton Properties Group to Betty Afedzie, 622 Geronimo Drive, Greenfield, $257,348.

CalAtlantic Homes of Indiana to Erik and Emma Gast, 5414 Cimmaron Ave., McCordsville, $430,670.

Clayton Properties Group to Mark Wayne Grayson III, 623 Geronimo Drive, Greenfield, $203,588.

William Carney to William and Gisela Nash, 719 S. Brune Court, Sugar Creek Township, $317,500.