Real Estate – September 21

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The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Aug. 2

MKPKDK Realty LLC to Anthony Hunt, 9065 N. McCord Road, Vernon Township, $335,000.

Pamela S. Donaldson to Kathleen Malmloff and Jeffrey Voorhis, 6214 N. 400E, Green Township, $270,000.

Alexander and Ashley Jackson to RM1 SFR PrepCo, 488 Mozart Drive, Greenfield, $290,000.

Samuel and Chelsey Pfaff to Evelyn and Kirby Petry, 950 Streamside Drive, Greenfield, $225,000.

Christina and Thomas Bruno Jr. to Curtis and Kayla Worth, 7097 W. Anton Way, Sugar Creek Township, $310,000.

Courtney and Aimee Anderson to Gregory and Andrea Austin, 4614 W. Chert Drive, New Palestine, $315,000.

Suzanne and John A. Hall III to Kelli and Kyle Smythe, 9870 N. Mallard Court, McCordsville, $460,000.

Jason and Trisha Evans to Derek Baugh, 3016 Walnut Court, Buck Creek Township, $295,000.

Jarod Damon and Kristi Toomey to Anthony Dean and Meredith Lee Brooks, 424 W. North St., Greenfield, $195,000.

Kyle C. Petry to Samuel and Chelsey Pfaff, 2017 N. Grandison Road, Jackson Township, $350,000.

Andrew and Ashley Litton to Gustavo Perez and Daniel Reyes, 2672 Autumn Road, Cumberland – Buck Creek Township, $240,000.

Kevin Schiewer to Charles Leon Ochoa, 431 W. Fourth St., Greenfield, $159,000.

Clayton Properties Group to Vicky Hobbs, 2395 Silver Spoon Drive, Greenfield, $209,687.

D.R. Horton-Indiana to Todd Neil and Paula Marie McCall, 4614 W. Tradwell Drive, New Palestine, $346,866.

Boniface Michael Espinda III to Jason and Amanda Rae Kaiser, 3072 S. Fielding Road, Sugar Creek Township, $189,522.

Jason W. Tillage to BTH Residential LLC, 3160 S. Dendle Drive, New Palestine, $275,000.

Carolinas Properties LLC to Brant Larson, 1651 Apple St., Greenfield, $260,000.

Todd and Melanie Peddicord to Tammy and Donald Byerly, 10170 N. Balfer Drive, Vernon Township, $255,000.

Aug. 3

Aaron Thomas Martin to Richard and Katherine Patterson, 523 S. Main St., Fortville, $200,000.

Pamela Dodt to Kristopher Michael Housley, 3329 N. 800W, Buck Creek Township, $185,000.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis to Ruth and Bryan Ault, 5483 W. Woodhaven Drive, McCordsville, $268,011.

Pyatt Builders LLC to Adam Christopher and Kimberly Roberts, 1401 Boots Trail, Greenfield, $314,990.

David L. Pfeiffer to Larry and Angela Dusang, 88 Fountain Lake Drive, Center Township, $155,000.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis to Catherine Hays and Jacob Gorman, 5525 Wood Spring Drive, McCordsville, $320,762.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis to Carla Redden and Tony Arrington, 5476 N. Woodside Court, McCordsville, $305,289.

PAH LLC to Brandon and Maria Merida, 5539 S. 450W, Sugar Creek Township, $180,000.

Leo Rygula to FRM 1 SFR PropCo, 2323 S. Moeller Circle, Sugar Creek Township, $351,000.

Mary E. Coffey to Ralph Linville II, 4077 S. Stonebridge Court, Sugar Creek Township, $120,000.

Joann Peters to Jeffrey and Sarah Styf, 3947 S. 800W, Sugar Creek Township, $375,000.