Marriage Licenses – April 7

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The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

March 1

Kaitlyn C. Couch, Greenfield, to Adam B. Clark, Greenfield.

March 3

Sarah S. Huh, McCordsville, to Elliot P. Dant, McCordsville.

Benjamin W. Polly, New Palestine, to Oshuare O. Rigg, Indianapolis.

March 4

Dustin E. Mattson, Greenfield, to Sarah M. Liddle, Greenfield.

March 5

Samuel J. Miller, McCordsville, to Kathleen N. Stutts, McCordsville.

Dominick M. Sabatine, New Whiteland, to Daniel G.R. Figueroa, Greenfield.

March 9

Hailey E. Kingery, Greenfield, to Cody A. Lacy, Greenfield.

March 11

Douglas A. Helle, Greenfield, to Angela K. Puckett, Greenfield.

March 12

Susan E. Hawk, Greenfield, to Bryan K. Shell, Greenfield.

Samantha A. Purdue, Fortville, to Tyler S. Henson, Fortville.

Ashley Person, Plainfield, to Gerald Lopez Jr., Greenfield.

March 15

Jan U. Piworski, Greenfield, to Melissa D. Hawkins, Greenfield.

Skylar J. Mayes, Fortville, to Madison T. Reynolds, Fortville.

March 16

Ester P. Vasquez, Greenfield, to Raymond J. Morales, Greenfield.