Letter to the editor: A double standard when referring to police actions

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To the editor:

I am a little confused. If my neighbors and city are suffering protests that threaten our lives and businesses by what I’ll call rioters, when the police attempt to stem the riot, they are called pigs and even the cause of the riot.

Then, to add insult to the mix, the politicians call for the reduction in the numbers of policemen, because they cause more trouble than good. Yet, when our national houses of legislation are suffering the same protests, by what I’ll also call rioters, the police are called heroes and guardians of the Constitution. I don’t get the difference; the police are out there risking life and limb for all of us. Why the different responses?

I do not support the protesters in either case, and I’m not claiming the police are perfect, but for gosh sakes, how can the police not be protecting the Constitution in both cases, and why is there a different response in the first place?

Kenneth Peterson