MV students excitedly accept snow-day homework


McCORDSVILLE — Mt. Vernon schools had their first snow day of the year on Wednesday, and students had one very important task.

In a tongue-in-cheek email to parents Wednesday morning, Superintendent Jack Parker instructed students to bundle up and head out in the fluffy white stuff and have some fun.

In addition to studying for finals and catching up on assignments, “all students have only one new assignment today,” he wrote. “Students will use the scientific process in planning appropriate clothing to remain warm and dry while spending time outside. Once this hypothesis has been identified, and appropriate attire has been secured, students will be expected to test their theory by going outdoors and playing in the snow.”

Parker continued: “Step two of this assignment will be to practice the skills of estimation and measurement when throwing snowballs at one another while maintaining a minimum of 6 feet of distance with others outside of their household. When being hit with said snowball, students are expected to practice their social skills and to use their good words.”

“Extra credit can be earned by helping to shovel sidewalks and/or driveways,” he wrote.

Students were directed to self-report their grades to their teachers today (Thursday, Dec. 17) during the regularly-scheduled virtual learning day.

“Students who are not feeling well will be expected to complete the alternative assignment of resting indoors and drinking plenty of fluids,” Parker wrote.

The humorous letter garnered plenty of positive attention on Wednesday, as many students posted pictures of themselves having fun in the snow on the school corporation’s social media pages.

A couple of students had scooped out the words “SNOW DAY!” in people-size letters in the snow.

Others went sledding, built snowmen, and some even shoveled snow from driveways for extra credit, or at least some online bragging rights.

Dozens of parents praised Parker’s letter.

“That email needs to be public!,” posted one parent. “It is gold! 10/10….no, 100000/10. Great job!”