Letter to the editor: Hybrid learning is best, safest approach

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To the editor:

I am in Scout Troop 244, and I attend New Palestine Intermediate School as a sixth-grader. New Palestine Intermediate should go hybrid because this would make for less contact; some in-person learning; and decrease the amount of kids in school.

Going hybrid would make it so there is less contact with other people because the kids will not be in school full time. This makes it so that children are less likely to get COVID-19. If children get it while at home, they will not go to school the next day so the kids sitting around them would not be sent home for contact.

Unlike just going virtual, with hybrid, you have less contact with people but still get some in-person learning and contact with the teacher. This means that children can receive one-on-one help that isn’t possible with virtual learning. This also means that kids in quarantine or home for COVID-19 would still be getting instruction virtually that is not happening at this time. Kids at home for these reasons are receiving zero instruction.

The number of kids in school will be decreased because on some days, certain students will be virtual, and other days, different kids are. This will also decrease the amount of kids that are out due to contact tracing. This will make it so that the classroom can be spread out more so the kids will be farther apart, which results in less contact.

Hybrid would be a good option because we would be in contact with people less; still get one-on-one learning from teachers; less kids in the schools at one time; and the most important is that kids at home would still receive instruction.

Alex Appley

New Palestine