Letter to the editor: Trump supporter ponders the post-Trump world

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To the editor:

I’ve been a supporter of Trump all the way, since he distanced himself from the pack during the Republican presidential debates in 2015-16, leaving behind what I saw as a group of clueless candidates who showed they would only continue the inefficient status quo.

And Hillary Clinton was completely unacceptable. There’s nothing wrong with a woman president, or a woman vice president, like Kamala Harris. But Hillary just wasn’t the one to break the glass ceiling. 

What is more, Trump is why the economy took off, only brought to a halt when COVID-19 hit. Trump put China on notice that somebody was going to check its unrelenting pursuit to restore itself as the center of the world. China will stop at nothing to achieve it, including stealing our intellectual property.

Russia has been, and will continue to be, only a thorn in our side. Putin has an "all or nothing" attitude, and he, it seems to me, couldn’t care less what happens to Russia and the world once he’s gone. He will, if necessary, run Russia into the ground if he has to along the way.

And the European Union, although the lesser of the evils, wants to humble the U.S. for having to bail them out of trouble in the two world wars. My guess is they still very much suffer from a misguided cultural superiority problem. Nevertheless, they want to, along with the rest of the world, "Bury the United States without having to fire a shot!"

In summary, the following can’t be denied. Trump, although it’s time for him to completely concede, was the right man for the job, period! Mike Pence is still the front-runner for 2024. Donald Trump Jr. is a serious contender, giving Pence some competition, perhaps being a good VP pick. Finally, President-elect Joe Biden has his work cut out for him, and he still has to very much prove himself. In other words, he can’t "give away the store" to the world, because America, freedom, liberty, democracy, a democratic-republic is still the best hope for the world in the free market of ideas, ideology, etc., etc.

David Ward