Real Estate – February 13

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The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Jan. 23

Harbour Portfolio VIII LP to Equity Trust Company, 311 E. Staat St., Fortville, $10.

Richard Moubray to Matthew J. and Lindsay-Marie G. White, 1430 Eucalyptus Circle, Greenfield, 157,500.

Audrey M. Wyser to Joseph W. and Carrie K. Patterson, 6372 W. Waterview Court, McCordsville, $355,000.

Stacie and Bradley Talley to Justin D. Meyer, 419 Pennsylvania, Brown Township, $109,000.

Jan. 24

Robert Cromer to R-N-B & Associates LLC, W. County Road 1000N, Vernon Township, $24,000.

John A. Cropper to JKPS LLC, 800 W. Broadway St., Fortville, $450,000.

Charles R. and Tricia N. Langston to Barbara K. Hembree, 1476 Lavender Drive, Greenfield, $150,000.

Stone Ridge Development LLC to Lewis E. and Kristine M. Whitson, 2252 W. Haines Pass, Buck Creek Township, $64,000.

Dan Justus to Marcus V. and Allie A. Rinaldi, 5540 W. Crestview Trail, McCordsville, $183,500.

Danielle K. Camacho to Alex and Bethana Rosa, 639 Geronimo Drive, Greenfield, $197,500.

Jan. 25

Robert S. Overbeck and Elizabeth J. Graham to Mark A. and Diane L. Mills, 9526 N. County Road 400W, Vernon Township, $186,000.

Walter and Jolanda Brown to Atis and Deborah J. Birznieks, 1085 Forest Glen Drive, Greenfield, $41,500.

Brian C. and Rachel A. Fields to Cody D. and Ruby A.M. Cline, 179 Tinker Trail, Greenfield, $169,000.

Jan. 28

Kyle James to Abagail L. King and Nathan M. King, 1678 W. Furry Road, Brandywine Township, $185,000.

Dempsey Jr. and Romona Powell to Ciearra N. Moody, 5746 N. Rockingham Lane, Buck Creek Township, $194,000.

Lawrence and Barbara Hembree to Chad White and Tonya Theobald, 2521 W. Sycamore Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $194,000.

John Jr. and Betty M. Farrell Revocable Trust to FCRE Properties LLC, 1317 N. State St., Greenfield, $560,000.

Preserve at Sugar Creek Development LLC to Gateway Communities LLC, 4260 W. Hidden Preserve Cove, New Palestine, $66,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Monica L. and Matthew A. Martin, 6178 N. Cedarwood Drive, Vernon Township, $234,975.

Jan. 29

Patsy C. and James E. Gunther to Dayne L. Dickerson, 378 Longfellow Court, Greenfield, $108,751.

GWM to SFR JV-1 Property LLC, 734 Runnymede Court, Greenfield, $143,000.

Arbor Homes to Robert A. Clayborn, 39 N. Wyndstone Way, Fortville, $211,460.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Erin E. McCarty, 1293 N. Wyndstone Way, Fortville, $154,987.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Kristen Sandman, 1299 W. Crystal Drive, Fortville, $237,746.

Arbor Homes to Michael D. and Julia E. Timmons, 1368 W. Wyndstone Way, Fortville, $190,979.

Harvey Construction Company to Arbor Homes, 1327 W. Wyndstone Way, Fortville, $43,000.

Harvey Construction Company to Arbor Homes, 1325 W. Crystal Drive, Fortville, $43,000.

Stone Grove Partners LLC to Silverthorne Homes, 8931 Stone Grove Court, McCordsville, $72,500.

Jan. 31

James D. Arnett with life to Alisorra Arnett, 10 Walker St., Greenfield, $63,000.

John C. and Darlene R. Seifert to Robert B. and Debra R. Seifert, 16 N. Bittner Road, New Palestine, $30,000.

Renovations by Russell LLC to William H. and Jessica L. Gowin, 6036 W. Bayfront Shores, McCordsville, $265,500.

Barbara A. Brandon to Jason W. Black, 5596 N. Attleburg Drive, Buck Creek Township, $188,000.

Justin Woodcox to Marlon B. Gill, 2345 S. Briarwood Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $238,000.

Kenneth J. Young to Nicholas T. and Allison L. Spotts, 2438 Autumn Road, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township $188,000.