Real Estate – January 11

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The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Nov. 29

Aaron and Melissa Dowden to Courtney L. and Greg V. Davidson, 2601 S. Bomar Circle, Brandywine Township, $224,000.

Woonlim Lee to Brittany M. and Phillip M. Spencer, 1155 N. Glendale Lane, Buck Creek Township, $190,000.

Donald P. Rainey to Seth J. Witmer, 7361 W. County Road 100 N., Buck Creek Township, $195,000.

Bricks LLC to Mark C. Small, 5687 N. Burlington Drive, Buck Creek Township, $175,000.

Teresa M. Detwiler to Randy J. Orr and Kara M. Spears, 10559 N. County Road 500E, Green Township, $274, 000.

Judith Windisch to Brian K. and Amelia M. Windisch, 2002 Valley Brook Drive, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $126,000.

Verlene E. Wallace to Alicia J. White, 438 Monroe St., Fortville, $98,000.

Kyle R. and Megan M. Ash to Donald Jr. and Renee A. Edwards, 792 W. County Road 950N, Vernon Township, $310,000.

Justin Vestments LLC to Dianna L. Adams, 2025 Brookside Court, Greenfield, $130,000.

Nov. 30

Emily M. Bean to Randy and Leslie Spence, 3794 N. County Road 200W, Buck Creek Township, $83,000.

Paula K. Lammers to Robert D. Mullis, 6953 W. Rockwood Lane, Sugar Creek Township, $245,000.

Christina Jones to Everett Jones, 433 Hamilton St., Fortville, $90,000.

Malcolm L. Wood Trust to Robert and Sherri Rankins, 2191 W. Liberty Lane, Greenfield, $185,000.

Marjorie J. Marcum Revocable Living Trust to Chris A. Proehl, 605 N. Harrison St., Greenfield, $80,000.

Indy Prop 2 LLC to Yvonne L. Mead, 509 W. Pierson St., Greenfield, $77,500.

Lawrence III and Stephanie Hughes to Gerald E. and Cynthia M. Greenwood, 1530 Westfield Court, Greenfield, $250,000.