Real Estate – July 7

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The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

May 7

Kimberly R. Forrest to Jerry L. and Paula Jarvis, 930 Atir Lane, Greenfield, $130,000.

Stephen T. and Maria A. Sommerrock to Rodney E. and Kimberly D. Brown, 282 Hidden Glen Drive, Greenfield, $312,850.

Daniel W. and Sue E. Mize to Hancock County Visitor’s Bureau Inc., 119 W. North St., Greenfield, $85,000.

David M. and Nichole L. Lyon to First Horizon Home Loans, 238 W. South St., Greenfield, exempt.

First Horizon Home Loans to Dennis Brackenridge, 238 W. South St., Greenfield, $38,500.

Gwendolyn A. Betor to Caleb R. Paugh, 8092. N. Troy Road, Green Township, $164,900.

Elizabeth A. and Aaron W. Kennedy to Shawn M. Fine, 189 N. Eastern Village Drive, Jackson Township, $159,000.

Della D. and John C. Suits to Trisha R. Armstrong, 1258 S. Vera Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $202,000.

Mitford Homes Inc. to Matthew A. and Lindsay C. Muffler, 6053 W. Colton Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $345,287.

Joseph F. Horsley to Tony and Wendy Pennington, 3097 S. Fielding Road, Sugar Creek Township, $103,000.

Richmnan LLC to Mitford Homes Inc., 6053 W. Colton Court, Sugar Creek Township, $41,900.

Estate of Mary L. Garst to Robert W. Garst et. al., 9302 N. County Road 300W, Vernon Township, exempt.

Phyllis M. Kingen to Justin Shoufler, N. County Road 50W, Vernon Township, $50,000.

Frank H. Bohannon to Andrew D. Brand and Angela J. Bailey, 302 E. Staat St., Fortville, $54,400.

Jennifer M. Gleich to Brian D. Gleich, 612 Breakers Lane, Fortville, exempt.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis LP to Andrew J. and Holly C. Verdeyen, 8668 N. Mia Lane, McCordsville, $213,000.

John P. and Kara L. Harrison to Michael A. Bradley, 6219 W. Waterfront Way, McCordsville, $105,000.

May 8

Paul and Linda Simpson to Kyle A. and Sara M. Brooks, E. County Road 900N, Brown Township, $125,000.

Joni C. Betz to Melissa C. Betz, 5746 N. Jamestown Drive, Buck Creek Township, $138,000.

Danny Gerard to Nicholas and Melissa Reuter, 24 W. Hickory Drive, Center Township, $131,900.

Derek T. and Jennifer D. Gustin to Kyle Howell, 2407 E. County Road 500N, Center Township, $129,900.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to Midfirst Bank, 310 N. Cherry St., Greenfield, $38,640.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to J. P. Morgan Chase Bank, 2175 Meridian Springs Lane, Greenfield, $130,200.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to Beneficial Finance Inc., 215 Eikenberry St., Greenfield, $76,000.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to American Mortgage Investment, 1416 E. McClarnon Drive, Greenfield, $142,112.88.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to Stock Yards Bank and Trust Co., 410 E. Main St., Greenfield, $30,000.

Randy and Kimberly Blume to Randy Blume, 101 Jefferson Blvd., Greenfield, exempt.

John E. Smith to Virginia and Scott Hardy, 1650 Walnut Trace #6B, Greenfield, $137,000.

Winding Oaks LLC to Randy and Jeannie J. Duncan, South Winding Oaks Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $30,000.

Winding Oaks LLC to Jermiah A. and Laura B. McDaniel, 2203 S. Winding Oaks Drive, Sugar Creek Township, $105,000.

John T. Ellis to Suzanne M. Ellis, 926 S. Havens Drive, Sugar Creek Township, exempt.

Brian M. and Melinda R. Dunn to Derek Turner, 4148 S. Kelly Drive, New Palestine, $170,000.

H. Bruce and Celeste M. Hardman-Monroe to Mark and Sharon Winebrenner, 610 Holiday Drive, Fortville, $71,000.

Chad A. Hudson to Kelly Johnson, 415 W. Staat St., Fortville, $150,000.

Letosha D. Anderson to John and Nicole Coy, 5529 W. Stoneview Trail, McCordsville, $235,000.

Joshua P. Short and Brianna L. Bartley to Mike and Theresa A. Agnew, 6629 W. Deer Hill Drive, McCordsville, $200,000.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to LSF9 Master Participation Trust, 7035 N. Mesquite Court, McCordsville, $169,592.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to New York Community Bank, 5929 W. Bayfield Drive, McCordsville, exempt.

Ashley M. Nelson to EPH Assets LLC, 6745 W. Odessa Way, McCordsville, $94,500.

May 11

Terry L. and Carolyn K. Craig to Zack L. Jackson, 6307 N. Thomas Road, Brown Township, $68,000.

Ruth A. Kiemeyer to Brad A. and Anne E. Watkins, 105 Oak Blvd. Drive South, Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $166,000.

Arbor Homes LLC to Danielle K. Camacho, 639 Geronimo Drive, Greenfield, $158,345.