Marriage Licenses – June 4

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The following marriage license applications recently were filed in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

April 1

Jerry W. King, Greenfield, to Abigail E. Odle, Charlottesville.

Blair A. Stunda, Fortville, to Jason A. Connelly, Fortville.

April 2

Daniel C. Schaber, Wilkinson, to Jessica L. Couch, Greenfield.

Jill Wilkins, McCordsville, to Danny Armantrout, McCordsville.

Arlen B. Woodall, New Palestine, to Allison R. Dishman, New Palestine.

April 3

Craig A. Sanders, Greenfield, to Amanda M. Lindsey, Franklin.

Mariah V. Weidman, Greenfield, to Clayton E. Amos, Greenfield.

Sharla L. McKinsey, Greenfield, to Jordan J. Matthews, Greenfield.

Eric Prater, Anderson, to Merry Sluss, Cumberland.

Ryan E. Evans, Greenfield, to Molly A. Tompkins, Greenfield.

April 8

Nicholas R. Gibson, New Palestine, to Jessica L. Greb, New Palestine.

April 9

James E. Mourey III, Greenfield, to Jessica N. Brinson, Greenfield.

Ashley E. Arnold, New Palestine, to Juan I. Cotiy, New Palestine.

Nicolas W. Elizondo, New Palestine, to Haley M. Carter, New Palestine.

Kara A. Moran, Greenfield, to Joseph M. Adams, Greenfield.

April 10

Eren Garad, Indianapolis, to Michael Swails, Greenfield.

April 13

Kevin R. Starks Jr., Greenfield, to Andrew S. Justice, Greenfield.

April 14

Esteban C. King, Pendleton, to Mindi G. Lloyd, Pendleton.

Mark E. McNutt, Cumberland, to Argelyn A. Panghari, Cumberland.

April 15

Karli J. Carmichael, Greenfield, to Wesley A. Broadwater, Greenfield.

April 16

Timothy S. Fugate, Greenfield, to Kimberly A. Snawder, Greenfield.

Nathan P. Gifford, New Palestine, to Rebecca C. Davis, Greenfield.

April 17

Cody J. Smith, Fountaintown, to Samantha J. Jackson, Charlottesville.

Aaron J. Walls, Greenfield, to Brittany F. Lynch, Greenfield.

April 21

Jonathan H. Moles, Greenfield, to Stephanie M. Moles, Greenfield.

April 22

Ashlee McQueen, Greenfield, to Brian Turner, Greenfield.

April 23

Michele M. McPherson, Greenfield, to Robert A. Spriggs, Greenfield.

Zabrina K. Davis, Greenfield, to Mitchell A. Hainje, McCordsville.

April 24

Paula J. David, Greenfield, to Richard A. Race, Saranac, Michigan.

Andrea J. McDowell, McCordsville, to Patrick D. Kelly, McCordsville.

April 27

Susan E. Cole, Greenfield, to Martin E. Ubelhor, Splendora, Texas.

Michaela K. Balakin, Greenfield, to Caleb J. Schmidt, Fountaintown.

Cory M. Sowder, Greenfield, to Melia J. Beaty, Greenfield.