Marriage Licenses – May 1

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The following marriage license applications were filed recently in the Hancock County Clerk’s Office:

March 4

Jonathan D. Dodrill, Greenfield, to Oriana L. Flaz, Greenfield.

Alexander C. Packard, McCordsville, to Cheyenne M. Sanders, Fortville.

March 5

Devin L. Cockroft, Greenfield, to Chelsea T. Kennedy, Greenfield.

March 6

Christy West, Greenfield, to Ralph R. Fellows, Greenfield.

March 12

Scott W. Powers, Greenfield, to Jessica R. Conaway, Greenfield.

John W. Whiteside, Greenfield, to Elaina M. Dixon, Greenfield.

March 13

Timothy A. Harwood, Shirley, to Sheri R. Whisman, Shirley.

James G. Keyler, Indianapolis, to Julie A. Grubb, Greenfield.

March 16

Kaleb J. Durham, Greenfield, to Stephanie A. Goss, Greenfield.

Jayne E. Browning, Greenfield, to Teresa L. Harris, Greenfield.

Mallory E. Owens, New Palestine, to Eric K. Wessel, Batesville.

March 17

Lonnie L. Steinmetz, Greenfield, to Amber M. Miller, Indianapolis.

Austin R. Thomas, Greenfield, to Carissa M. Wallace, Greenfield.

March 23

Emily M. Hart, Greenfield, to Joshua B. Johnson, Newark, Ohio.

March 24

Dustin B. Sandoz, Midway Park, North Carolina, to Emily Y. Torrence, Greenfield.

March 25

Brianna Young, McCordsville, to Jason Whitaker, McCordsville.

Mary K. Ellenberger, Greenfield, to Kaylee Barajas, Greenfield.

Derek C. Rogers, Greenfield, to Amanda J. McCormick, Greenfield.

Kathleen Rusnak, Greenfield, to Christopher D. Dunham, Greenfield.

March 26

Alvin R. Bever Jr., New Palestine, to Deanna R. Painter, New Palestine.

Spencer P. Storie, McCordsville, to Lauren C. Thurber, McCordsville.

March 27

Charles D. Stailey, Fortville, to Darlene Teague, Indianapolis.

March 30

Joseph G. Catt, Richmond, to Michelle M. Newsome, Greenfield.