Real Estate – February 20

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The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in the Hancock County Recorder’s Office:

Jan. 6

Robb G. Farris to Wayne R. and Deborah Smith, 4835 W. Cedar Creek Dr., New Palestine, $219,900.

Fischer Homes Indianapolis to Kelly A. Phelps, 6027 W. Jamison Dr., McCordsville, $222,185.

Jan. 7

John and Carol L. Anderson to Tony A. and Cathi Griffin, 110 Delaware St., Shirley, $92,500.

Bank of America to Federal National Mortgage Association, 710 N. East St., Greenfield, amount not listed.

Debby K. Fisher to Richard R. and Nicole E. Crawford, 6519 W. County Road 100S, Sugar Creek Township, $147,900.

Westport Homes to Michael W. and Beatrice D. Walsh, 3201 S. Courtney Dr., New Palestine, $282,365.

Jan. 8

Ameriana Bank to Mortgage Guaranty Insurance, 843 W. Michaels Ct., Brandywine Township, exempt.

Harold E. McNeely to Kyle and Lindsey James, 1678 W. Furry Rd., Brandywine Township, $157,000.

David A. and Ginger M. Durr to Ginger M. Lowe, 601 Breakers Ln., Fortville, exempt.

Jan. 9

Estate of Jackie D. Spegal to Wanda Wyatt and Norma Ward, 8344 E. County Road 600S, Blue River Township, exempt.

Wanda Wyatt, et. al., to Derick and Jill Fordice, 8344 E. County Road 600S, Blue River Township, $126,000.

Nationstar Mortgage to Secretary of Housing, 7 W. School St., Center Township, $29,110.

Dollar Bank FSB to B&M Hancock Properties, 119 E. McKenzie Rd., Greenfield, $32,400.

Scott W. and Jo Ann Callahan to Equity Trust Co Cust FBO Thomas Mattick IRA, 1014 E. Second St., Greenfield, $45,000.

Betty L. Rehfuss to Laurissa R. Short, 135 N. East St., Greenfield, $42,575.82.

Bradley C. and Leticia M. Morris to Charles R. and Carol W. Reiss, 6726 W. Brier Creek Dr., Sugar Creek Township. $136,000.

Victoria Pannhanouvong and Dayne Poling to Freo Indiana LLC, 8851 N. Fawn Meadow Dr., McCordsville, $160,000.

Jan. 12

Neil P. and Marcia R. Shaw to Randy Muegge, E. County Road 900N, Brown Township, $62,000.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to Reg. Holders of Long Beach Mtg. Loan Trust 2006-2, 4712 W. County Road 300N, Buck Creek Township, $360,897.

Wiper Corporation to Corey E. Lenk, 2113 W. County Road 400N, Buck Creek Township, included in above sale.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to Federal National Mortgage Assoc., 3553 E. County Road 300N, Center Township, $155,751.92.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to JP Morgan, 3118 N. County Road 300E, Center Township, $99,400.

Ralph Armstrong and Shannon Jones to Jeffrey K. Emmert, 223 Garove St., Greenfield, $40,000.

Arbor Homes LLC to Philip M. Kathleen McPheron, 728 Geronimo Dr., Greenfield, $140,950.

Arbor Homes LLC to Terry and Brandy L. Tompkins, 689 Prospector Dr., Greenfield, $192,055.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to Midfirst Bank, 2359 Layton Dr., Greenfield, $81,6348.

Bevo LLC to Arbor Homes, 639 Geronimo Dr., Greenfield, $36,500.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to Wells Fargo Bank, 324 Meadow Lane Ct., Greenfield, $51,030.

Ohio Investments LLC to James A. Phillips, 292 N. County Road 800E, Jackson Township, $25,100.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 372 N. County Road 600E, Jackson Township, $64,800.

James Haskett to Margaret Wheatley, 25 E. Mill St., New Palestine, $95,000.

Estate of Robert E. Williams to MNSF Acquisitions LLC, 708 Dunbar St., Cumberland/Sugar Creek Township, $71,000.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to LSF8 Master Participation Trust, 564 W. County Road 600N, Vernon Township, $167,834.50.

Sheriff Michael Shepherd to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, 6601 W. Winding Bend, McCordsville, $181,000.

Silverthorne Homes LLC to Tochukwu C. and Ekene O. Iloabuchi, 6677 W. May Apple Dr., McCordsville, $528,785.

Jan. 13

Fischer Homes Indianapolis to Zachary L. and Aubre E. Huskisson, 2469 Autumn Rd., Cumberland/Buck Creek Township, $166,450.

Flagstar Bank to Secretary of Housing, 1414 S. Meridian Rd., Center Township, exempt.

US Bank National to Conrex Residential Property Group 2013-1, 713 Fern St., Greenfield, $69,000.

Jan. 14

Wesley B. and Kristina M. Watts to Wesley B. Watts, 3895 E. County Road 500S, Brandywine Township, exempt.