Restaurant Inspections – May 7

The Hancock County Health Department inspects restaurants four times annually, and violations are labeled “C” for critical, “NC” for noncritical and “R” for repeated violations. The following inspections are based on information obtained from Retail Food Inspection Reports.

April 20

Quality Inn – Greenfield

Location: 2270 N. State St., Greenfield

Type of Inspection: Routine

Violations: NC – post current permit in public view; C – chlorine used for sanitizing cannot have thickeners, scents, etc., to be corrected by April 27.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Location: 2265 Barrett Drive, Greenfield

Type of Inspection: Routine

Violations: C – hold cold foods at 41 degrees or below, server prep cooler running warm — remove food and monitor unit, call repair if needed, corrected; NC – hand soap needed at hand sink, corrected.


Location: 1508 N. State Road 9, Greenfield

Type of Inspection: Routine

Violations: C – hot foods must be held at 135 degrees or higher, corrected; hamburger patties not maintaining temperature when held on grill, grill might need to be repaired or replaced, discarded; NC – ice scoop at drive-thru needs to be protected from contamination, store in clean and protected location, corrected; NC/R – need to have thermometer in all coolers/refrigeration units, corrected; NC – cabinet for beverages/soft drink dispenser in dining room needs to be cleaned inside to remove residue build-up, corrected.