Letter to the Editor: Trump did not get a fair trial


The Shabazz article claiming President Trump got a “fair trial” in the laughably biased kangaroo court in New York was truly stunning in its own laughably biased assessment of this political hit job. Anyone who paid any attention whatsoever to the absurd judge pampering and basically coaching the prosecution, upholding their repeated objections in an offhand matter while disallowing defense motions and overruling nearly every objection they offered.

The case was initially rejected by every lawyer who saw the complaints, including the prosecutor Bragg, but with pressure coming from the corrupt Biden administration, who sent the #3 Dept. of Justice lawyer to run to New York and make sure the case was run according to the ruling cabal’s satisfaction, it went ahead.

Shabazz is a Trump hater, and his bias is deep running and seething. The leftists who think Trump got a fair trial are either delusional, or like Shabazz, simply so full of hate they refuse to admit the truth. Shabazz is a lawyer, as it were, but even he should be able to see the massive fiasco this trial really was. Trump did not get a free trial, but as the polls show, he did get a huge bump in the polls from folks who do know what this witch hunt really was. And the $200 Million that was donated after the verdict was icing on the cake. This country desperately needs Trump back in office, and the voters are anxious to put him right back in charge, and it certainly cannot happen quickly enough.

Tim McDowell