Letter to the Editor: ‘Do your job, county council’


To the Editor:

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I read the story about Sheriff Burkhart’s annual attempt to break new records with salary requests.

Burkhart has always tried to show the County Council how many other departments pay more than Hancock County. This time, out of 92 counties, he could find only one (Bartholemew) that was higher, so he threw in a city (Noblesville). If he is successful this year he will have to look at another state for future comparisons.

In the same article, 911 Director John Jokantas admits his salaries are fair, but he still wants an additional 7%. And I was shocked that he has 25 dispatchers.

The original purpose of merging the dispatchers of Hancock County with those of Greenfield was to be more efficient by reducing the total number of dispatchers. That never happened. Instead, all dispatchers from both departments were retained and additional dispatchers in large numbers have been added.

Do your job, County Council members.

Warren Hiser