Craig Sherman Hall



Craig Sherman Hall, 64, passed away May 26 in his beloved home-away-from-home Prague, Czech Republic.

Craig was born Feb. 17, 1960, in Pullman, Washington, to Patricia (Smith) and Harold Hall. The trio soon moved to Greenfield, Indiana, where he later became a big brother. He graduated from Greenfield Central High in 1978 where his main interests were art and drama. He received his BA in communication from Indiana University in 1982. He moved to Bozeman, Montana, where he pursued a career in film and set design and was active in the community theater. A great deal of his film career was spent in Prague.

Craig is survived by his mother, Pat Hall (Bert Rice), his brother Chris Hall (Dawn) and two nieces, Shannon and Shelby Hall. He was preceded in death by his father, Hal Hall.

In honor of Craig’s memory, consider celebrating his profound love for the arts by attending a local theater performance.