GREENFIELD — Officials with the Greenfield Police Department (GPD) say a threat called into Greenfield Intermediate School (GIS) Thursday morning before lunchtime is not credible and the school, as well as nearby Harris Elementary, were placed on lockdown out of an abundance of caution.

“We are basically working right now to get to the bottom of who made the threat,” GPD Deputy Chief Charles McMichael said. “I can’t get into any specifics about what was said, but we know where it originated from and we don’t believe it is creditable. Unfortunately, we believe this is a result of the national news coverage associated with the passing of Sammy.”

Sammy Teusch was the 10-year-old GIS student who killed himself at his home after his family said he suffered from horrific bullying.

Officials with Greenfield-Central Schools released an email to parents Thursday morning stating, “Over the last few hours, we have received a concerning communication toward Greenfield Intermediate School. Out of an abundance of caution, we are keeping students inside the building throughout the school day today at Greenfield Intermediate School and Harris Elementary School.”

Officials with the Greenfield Police Department say they will have a police presence at Greenfield Intermediate School and Harris Elementary the rest of the week. By Tom Russo | Daily Reporter

District officials immediately called the GPD, who increased police presence at the two buildings and will continue to remain on scene until the issue is resolved.

McMichael said the GPD is tracking the phone number of the person who called through a cell phone provider to get a location of the phone.

“That may require a search warrant and we’ll do that with the court if we have to,” McMichael said. “All threats to schools and elsewhere are taken seriously and with this case it’s the same.”

McMichael noted the lockdown of the two schools located near each other will continue through Thursday and more than likely through Friday.

“Again, just out of an abundance of caution,” McMichael said. “What is really concerning is that all these kids who knew Sammy are dealing with so much already and recess time is a huge outlet for the kids, particularly on a beautiful day like today for them to just be kids and to not think about everything else going on in their little lives right now, and it’s disgusting for someone to make a threat … The kids are not in harm’s way but they know something is different and they can’t go outside like normal.”

As for the GPD investigation into the bullying allegations against Sammy and if the bullying caused his death, McMichael said there are far too many accusations flying around the community, and people need to stop.

“Our job surrounding this investigation is to determine what is fact and what is fiction,” McMichael said. “Everyone has their own opinions and no one is trying to discredit what the family believes happened, but we don’t know yet and we’re trying to get to the bottom of it.”

McMichael noted far too many adults are reaching out on their own, contacting children they believe were involved in the bullying of Sammy through social media posts, and that is not productive or fair.

“If you want to have a conversation about bullying, go on social media and just read some of the things grown adults say to grown adults every single day,” McMichael said.

Officials with the GPD wanted to let the community know they are working to find the answers surrounding Sammy’s death for the family as well as the community.

“We’re still deep into this investigation, and I don’t see us releasing anything for a little while just yet,” McMichael said. “This case involves children and we’re working around their schedules and their parents.”

McMichael noted they conducted at least one interview Wednesday night and have others planned.

“The family just had the funeral for this poor child, so the family and friends, they all need time to grieve,” McMichael said. “The way laws are written, even if we can point to one specific person who made comments or said something, there is very little that can be done to the child because there are no laws for bullying.”

District officials sent out another message late Thursday afternoon that stated, “The concerning message we referenced earlier today had no direct connection to students at Greenfield Intermediate School. The message that was left in the school’s voicemail box threatened harm toward Greenfield Intermediate School office staff.”