Parks board discusses Old Town Park details


Phase one layout of Old School Park, subject to change

Provided photo

McCORDSVILLE – Future plans for Old Town Park, including the budget and chosen equipment, were discussed at the parks board meeting Monday night.

Tim Gropp, town manager, said the estimated cost of phase one was originally $1.2 million. However, after going through the selection process of playground equipment, the budget is sitting at $1.78 million, which he said he is fine with doing that.

Gropp also said that some of the numbers in the budget are artificially high, and that they plan on getting the playground equipment through a co-op, which would give a discount on the equipment, but he is still unsure exactly how much – typically ranging from 25% to 30% off.

Gropp said that they are planning for higher numbers, but will hopefully have some items in the budget be able to fit in where they can find room for them.

Gropp said that while numbers did come in high for the playground, there are some parts of the project that they can wait on, such as the restrooms for the area. Parks board member Dr. Bryan Burney had mentioned selling equipment to private owners, but the issue of liability comes into play.

Gropp said that storm water improvements are also tied into this project, which made sense that they are bidding out drainage work to mobilize as one unit instead of separate. Gropp said while it wasn’t listed in this budget – storm water having a separate budget – completing the work together in one unit may help save costs in the long run.

With the playground equipment, Gropp said this was the opportunity to provide more for kids to do, and the rubberized surface will make it more accessible and allow for less-frequent resurfacing.

As far as timelines, Gropp said once they start construction they don’t want people in the area for safety reasons, but leeway time for equipment could be anywhere from three to six months. They are also looking at the requirement of having the air and ground temperature at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit for the area’s surfacing.

Gropp said that in best case scenario, they would receive the equipment in late summer and get it installed, but he is also concerned that it will not make the window of time for installation, delaying work until the following spring/summer.

Gropp said that they have looked at the idea of pushing the project to start in the fall so that way equipment will be ready to put in and putting the surface in in the during the weather requirement.

The board agreed, liking the idea of having the park still open during the summer with what they currently have and delaying demolition and construction until later in the fall and winter months when the parks isn’t utilized as much.