Indianapolis man accused of dealing, possession of illegal drugs


Eric L. Campbell, 37, Indianapolis

HANCOCK COUNTY — An Indianapolis man is in hot water after officials say he was not only in possession of illegal drugs but was also dealing them.

Eric L. Campbell, 37, 11000 block of Cuyahoga Drive, has been arrested and charged with a Level 2 felony count of dealing in cocaine manufacture/deliver/finance, a Level 4 felony count of possession of cocaine and a Class A misdemeanor charge of marijuana from an incident May 8.

Campbell made his initial appearance in Hancock County Superior Court 1 Tuesday morning where a cash bond of $50,000 was set by the court.

According to a probable cause affidavit, a deputy with the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department on May 8 noticed a black dodge Charger traveling east on CR 300N crossing the center line and initiated a traffic stop in the 2700 block of North 600W.

The deputy noted that when he approached the vehicle he could smell marijuana coming from the vehicle. The sole occupant of the vehicle, Campbell, gave the deputy his Indiana Identification card, the report stated.

When asked if there were any drugs in the vehicle, Campbell pulled out a bag of marijuana and gave it to the deputy. A search of the vehicle revealed a CVS pill bottle with the label taken off it, the report stated. Inside of the pill bottle, the deputy found three clear plastic bags. The deputy stated the bags contained white powdered substance consistent with cocaine and white rock-like substance that is consistent with crack cocaine.

Officials also found money, 98 different $1 bills and a cell phone, the report stated. A search of Campbell revealed another $1,178 in cash, the report stated. The deputy noted through his experience he has seen it is common for someone dealing in illegal substances to have a large amount of cash in different denominations in their possession.

Campbell, however, told the deputy the money was not from dealing, but from his job. Campbell, the report stated, told officials he doesn’t deal but he used to and that he does weed and sometimes cocaine and that the money he had belonged to his girl, “who is kind of his job,” the report stated.

Campbell then advised officials he buys cocaine for his friends and that’s why it was in individual packages. Campbell stated everyone orders something different, so he picks up everyone’s stuff and takes it to them, the report stated.

Two cocaine drug test kits were used to test the white powdery substance and the white, rock-like substance. Officials said the both came back with a positive result.