GREENFIELD — From painted ceramic pigs to lifelike self-portraits in pencil, there is a sea of talent at this year’s Hancock County Art Show at Greenfield-Central High School.

Art teacher Jeff Weiland said that’s par for the course at the popular annual show, which combines the talents of students at every single school in all four Hancock County school districts, from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Emma Jones, who teaches art at three Greenfield-Central elementary schools, represented 800 students alone.

“Every student I represent has at least one piece in the show,” she said, while setting up art in the high school gym Wednesday afternoon.

The annual art show was open to the public Thursday and Friday, when scores of students and parents came through to see the massive exhibit that took over the high school gym.

Hancock County’s four high schools host the show on a rotating basis. Last year’s was at New Palestine High School, next year’s will be at Mt. Vernon High School, followed by Eastern Hancock High School in 2026.

Shoshonee Junga, an art teacher at Greenfield-Central High School, said she’s always blown away by the caliber of talent of the students represented.

“I think it’s outstanding. The fact we have a show like this is indicative of how well our students are doing and how wildly talented they are,” she said. “The level (of talent) I see here in Hancock County is just above what I’ve seen anywhere else.”

Lex Pagac, 17, a junior at Greenfield-Central who is part of this year’s show, loves being able to check out the artwork of students throughout the county.

She’s embraced taking art classes in school ever since she was in kindergarten. “I love the creativity of it,” said Pagac, whose favorite form of art is collaging.

Every art form imaginable was on display at this year’s student art show, from jewelry and photography to clay and ceramics, alongside life-sized cardboard sculptures including a phonograph and pedestal fan. Hundreds of pencil drawings and paintings in watercolors and acrylic were also in the mix.

Some of the youngest students made 3D art with strips of colorful construction paper.

Jones, who teaches at the Greenfield-Central elementary schools, said the art show is a wonderful way to instill confidence in the youngest students while introducing them to the types of art they’ll have the chance to do in junior high and high school.

“I tell the kids this is like an art museum, so they can see what’s possible for them in the future. It’s a wonderful thing,” she said.

Weiland said the art show is a great way for students and teachers to reflect back on the work they’ve done throughout the year.

“By the time it’s spring you kind of forget what we worked on in the fall, so it’s great to look back and remember what the students have done,” said the teacher, who saves the best pieces throughout the year to display in the county-wide show.

There are 23 art teachers throughout the county, he said, each of which strive to bring out the best in their students.

“This show is a great opportunity for students to see what kids from other schools can do,” said Weiland, as he arranged artwork in the gym Wednesday afternoon.