To the Editor: Thank a lineworker


To the Editor:

Sometimes it’s a snake, squirrel or other small critter that causes a short circuit and knocks out power. Other times, cars may take out the poles that support power lines. And most of us are familiar with the severe and even catastrophic weather events that can put us in the face of challenging, untimely and even dangerous circumstances.

We rely on electricity to power our lives and it can be frustrating when it goes out. But no matter what the cause of an outage, lineworkers answer the call. These dedicated men and women mobilize to do jobs unlike any other – chasing storms, climbing poles, understanding the intricacies of power generation – being prepared no matter the circumstances.

They help keep our families, neighbors and communities safe by keeping electricity flowing, fixing it when it goes out, and working on large-scale projects that are preparing the grid to be more reliant and resilient.

While the official day for National Lineworker Appreciation Day is April 18, lineworkers are valued and appreciated each day for the outstanding work they do safely and reliably serving customers. They are caretakers, emergency personnel and true community heroes. We appreciate those sacrifices and the dedication it takes to do a job that touches the lives of everyone and hope you will join us in recognizing that work.

The next time you turn the lights on, thank a lineworker.

Jean Renk