IN THE KNOW: County Commissioner candidates


HANCOCK COUNTY – Leading up to the May 7 Primary Election, the Daily Reporter asks candidates running for office some background information and why they chose to run to help inform voters who is on the ballot.

For the District 1 seat, Republicans Greg Brewer and Jeannine Gray will be running against each other in the primary election. For District 3, Bill Spalding, who holds the seat currently, is running unopposed.

Republican Greg Brewer, running for County Commissioner District 1

Name: Greg Brewer

Age: 50

Party: Republican

Office sought: County Commissioner District 1

Occupation: Financial Advisor

Political experience: McCordsville Town Council 2020 – present, serving as council president since January 2023

Family: wife Megan, son Zach (17) and daughter Jacqueline (12)

Why are you running for this position?

I am running for Commissioner to give a voice at the county level for the second largest population in the county, which is Vernon/Buck Creek Township residents. A lot of development and decisions have been made at the county level that have impacted Western Hancock residents and I feel that I can provide a voice and provide input of their thoughts and concerns. As a member of the Town Council I have listened to my constituents and have never voted for tax abatements or speculative warehouses.

How are you qualified?

I am qualified for this position because of my experience the past four years as a Town Council member. I have worked to, and accomplished, improved fire and police protection for Vernon Township and McCordsville. I have been involved with the economic development and zoning improvements of our town. All of which have been accomplished without tax abatements or decreased funding for public safety.

What are some of the most pressing issues you plan to focus on?

I plan on focusing on better pay, retention and recruitment for our Sheriff’s Department. Working with the Prosecutor’s, Probation and Sheriff’s Offices to develop more mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation programs to cut down on recurring offenders and jail recidivism rate. Identifying and improving road infrastructure in the county.

What are some goals/plans you have if elected?

No more speculative warehouses or tax abatements. Insuring any future TIF Districts have schools and public safety participation included in those agreements so that they participate increases in assessed value and these TIF Districts don’t stay in place indefinitely. Lowering government operating costs and working with our elected officials to improve efficiencies in county government.

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Republican Jeannine Gray, running for County Commissioner District 1

Name: Jeannine Gray

Age: 63

Party: Republican

Office sought: County Commissioner District 1

Political experience: Hancock County Council 2017 – present, serving as council president since 2023, served on Hancock County Plan Commission

Family: husband Bud, son Keaton, son Peyton and grandson Morgan

How are you qualified?

I have been in leadership positions with Hancock County for many years… I have had the opportunity to oversee the stable financial growth of Hancock County. Also, having served on the Hancock County Plan Commission I know firsthand how development is affecting our county with both opportunities and challenges. Being a good steward of our taxpayer’s money is foremost in my mind when making decisions. With Hancock County now being the fastest growing county in the State (according to the I.U. Kelley School of Business), those critical decisions are even more important.

What are some of the most pressing issues you plan to focus on?/

What are some goals/plans you have if elected?

I believe in a comprehensive approach to governance that considers the needs of all constituents and focuses on long-term sustainability.

My priorities include the following:

Public Safety – As an elected official, Public Safety is always at the forefront. Police, Fire, E911 and EMS are all priorities for me. Some advancements include: Successfully worked with the Sheriff and Merit Board to ensure the Sheriff’s Pension Fund is growing and secure; Lobbied for competitive salaries and benefits for Sheriff’s deputies; Engaged with the county’s smaller, volunteer fire departments to ensure they have what is needed to be successful; Through County Council action, radio upgrades were funded so all county agencies can communicate effectively with each other; Lead the effort to move the county jail project to a property already owned by the county at a final price tag of $43 million rather than spending $55 million for a new jail facility. Today we have a new facility with room for future expansion for our criminal justice center.

Comprehensive Planning – I recognize the importance of infrastructure improvements, especially in light of increased traffic from warehouse construction and residential growth. I had the opportunity to serve on the award-winning Hancock County Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee and I know that planned growth is essential. Many counties in our state are losing population and Hancock County is fortunate that our strong leadership and values have brought people and jobs here. But how do we grow responsibly? Pro-active planning and exploring alternative routes to improve traffic flow and safety; Making sure that our infrastructure can meet the needs of current and future development through an approach that is forward-thinking and focuses on the entire county and not just specific areas of the county; Advocate for open discussions and transparent processes in all development projects.

Financial Management – As a candidate for County Commissioner, my approach to serving is to balance the needs of all county taxpayers, including residents and businesses. I have helped create and balance the entire Hancock County budget. It is essential to ensure that investments are made wisely. Being fiscally conservative is crucial. However, it is also essential to ensure that investments are made in a way that is beneficial to all.

Government Efficiency – I was elected to serve as president of the Hancock County Council by my peers because of their trust in me and the ability to work together and prioritize. Collaboration and communication are keys to success. Working together with all stakeholders, including the city of Greenfield, our towns and townships and private entities, we can find innovative solutions that benefit everyone involved. It is about finding the right balance between progress and fiscal responsibility.

Economic Development – Incentives like Tax Increment Financing (TIF) and tax abatements are beneficial when used correctly.

Prioritization is needed to ensure that these incentives benefit the entire county and not just the business. Transparency in decision-making in how these incentives are made and utilized is paramount.

At times we are legally bound due to the competitive nature of a project to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Projects may include confidential information, trade secrets, proprietary client information, and other sensitive information. When asked to sign an NDA the pros and cons of the project and its potential outcome must be carefully weighed. Having a seat at the table during important discussions is vital.

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