Kincaid officially sentenced in Marion County following acceptance of plea deal


Former Hancock County man Adam Michael Kincaid (right) stands next to his attorney during a rape trial in Hancock County last year where he was found not guilty. Kincaid had a similar case in Marion County which closed late last week after he was sentenced following the acceptance of a plea agreement.

INDIANAPOLIS — A rape case surrounding a former Hancock County man who had been accused of attacking his former New Palestine High School friend was closed late last week in Marion County after the man was officially sentenced following the acceptance of a plea deal.

Adam Kincaid, 25, Indianapolis, was originally charged with a Level 3 felony count of rape and a Level 5 felony count of criminal confinement with bodily injury from an incident that happened in Indianapolis in March of 2021. Kincaid ended up getting the rape charge against him dismissed, but a new Level 6 felony count of domestic battery resulting in bodily injury was added.

Kincaid was officially sentenced Friday, April 5 in Marion County Superior Court 31. Kincaid’s case was originally tried by an Indianapolis jury in February. However, when the jury was deliberating, it had questions which prompted attorneys to enter into the plea agreement. The agreement included adding the count 3 — a Level 6 felony charge of domestic battery with moderate bodily injury — and dropping the rape charge.

Friday the court sentenced Kincaid on the Level 5 Criminal Confinement charge to four years in the Indiana Department of Corrections with no more prison time to be served. Approximately 691 days were suspended to probation and Kincaid received credit for 577 days served pretrial and 192 days of good time credit. Part of the plea agreement notes Kincaid must also take part in counseling which includes 26 week of a Batterer’s Intervention Program.

Kincaid was also given a “No Contact Order” with the victim and a witness, alcohol evaluation and treatment. He is also not allowed to have alcohol or drugs during his four-year term. For the added Count 3 charge of domestic battery, Kincaid was given a term of 910 days with all of the time served suspended and the term will run concurrent with the other charge.

During the sentencing hearing the victim, along with her father and a witness in the case as well as two of the three other women from a similar Hancock County case where Kincaid was found not guilty following rape allegations, were all present at the sentencing hearing.

While Kincaid was acquitted of all the charges in Hancock County, the women who accused him in that case were permitted by the judge in Marion County to take the stand and read victim impact statements to the court and Kincaid.

The victim in the Marion County case told the Daily Reporter she was pleased Kincaid will be held accountable for his actions.

“I’m so glad this is finally over with,” the woman said. “The judge allowed all girls who have come forward to speak, which was amazing because that’s all I wanted, was for everyone to be heard and we all were.”