Holland: I’m still in line with my goal to move more


Teresa Holland

How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? Since it’s been a couple of months, some might even be saying, “Hmmm, what resolutions?”

But if you are just stubborn enough, you are regrouping and revising the battle plan with a new approach.

My plan last year was a tremendous success. I didn’t make any resolutions. Nothing to break. I met my goals or “non-goals” without any sweat or self-induced guilt. I say self-induced since I don’t usually share my resolutions. This prevents others giving gentle reminders (or nagging).

However, this year I realized at least one goal needed to be set. The one shared with many others, to move more. As the adage goes, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

I don’t know if this is the most popular resolution made, but it must rank at the top. Big business knows this and is counting on you to make some plans. This is clearly evidenced by all the advertisements that ramp up near the start of a New Year. You can also see this as you drive by the parking lots of fitness and wellness centers and see how the lots are at capacity.

It seems to me, though, there are primarily two groups of people that stand a chance of being successful with this new goal. The group that is die-hard and committed to stick to their often-rigorous plan. Then others who must be somewhat tricked to perceive that it is fun also. You can probably guess which group I fall into. Over the years I have been more successful than in other years, especially if there is an affordable and easily available indoor pool involved. Affordable and close are the key elements involved here. Just saying.

Well, one of my main approaches is to keep trying to find the fun part: fun moving, and fun in looking forward to going. In my search I have tried many activities over the years. Afterall, variety is the spice of life. Some of these endeavors have turned out more memorable than others. But I also learned some valuable lessons. For example: if you are new to Zumba, get in the back row. This is not the time to be in the front with the leaders. If you are new to Yoga, make sure you are in the “Beginners” class and not the “Advanced.” The same goes for calisthenics.

This year, I decided to try line dancing for the first time. Afterall, what can be so hard about moving to music in a straight line? Well, it has been a few months, and I’m still there. My husband did ask me how it was going about a month in. When I told him my progress (or lack of), he asked if I can be kicked out of line dancing? I told him that I didn’t know, but that I might be getting close to finding out.

It does seem to be getting better though, as some routines are becoming more familiar such as “All My Ex’s Live in Texas” or a rumba. Of course, I have a tremendously patient group leader. This experience is still way above when I tried guitar lessons and the teacher decided to stay out of the room. But then that is a different story, but does loom large as my North Star for comparisons.

Anyway, my resolution is still in play, though revised. I am moving in the right direction… well sort of, except when the music is playing. At least I am still in the game. How about you?

Teresa Holland is a guest columnist, writer, and retired advanced-practice registered nurse. Send comments to [email protected].