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“The Sunlit Man”

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Fiction: “The Sunlit Man” by Brandon Sanderson

Landing on a new planet where he’s instantly caught up in the struggle between a tyrant and the rebels, Nomad, in a world under constant threat of a sunrise whose heat will melt the very stones, must gain enough power to leap offworld before he pays the ultimate price.

 “Grief is for People”

Nonfiction: “Grief is for People” by Sloane Crosby

How do we live without the ones we love? Grief Is for People is a book about loss that is profuse with life. Sloane Crosley is one of our most renowned observers of contemporary behavior, and now the pathos that has been ever present in her trademark wit is on full display. After the pain and confusion of losing her closest friend to suicide, Crosley looks for answers in philosophy and art, hoping for a framework more useful than the unavoidable stages of grief.

For most of her adult life, Sloane and Russell worked together and played together as they navigated the corridors of office life, the literary world, and the dramatic cultural shifts in New York City. One day, Sloane’s apartment is broken into. Along with her most prized possessions, the thief makes off with her sense of security, leaving a mystery in its place.

When Russell dies exactly one month later, his suicide propels Sloane on a wild quest to explore what constitutes family and possession as the city itself faces the staggering toll of the pandemic.

“Grief Is for People” is a category-defying story of the struggle to hold on to the past without being consumed by it.


 “Across So Many Seas”

Youth: “Across So Many Seas” by Ruth Behar

Spanning over 500 years, a novel telling the stories of four girls from different generations of a Jewish family, many of them forced to leave their country and start a new life.